Who is Brewklyn Grind?

Coffee enthusiasm certainly runs in the family when it comes to Brooklyn-born brothers Craig, James and Alain. The trio began a small specialty batch coffee roaster, Brewklyn Grind in the heart of one of New York’s most renowned cultural meccas, specializing in what they call a ‘differentiated approach’ to coffee roasting. This strategy involves roasting smaller, personal coffee batches, being close to the local market, seasonal flavor profiles and multi-sourcing options – all of which combine to deliver the highest quality coffees at peak freshness. The thought alone is enough to perk us right up!

Sandy Strikes

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit New York, devastating hundreds of businesses in its wake. Brewklyn Grind was no exception. In just a matter of hours, the brothers lost everything, from specialized equipment to fresh inventory. “It was like getting punched in the face,” says Craig, one of the three brothers. “It was a very sobering experience. We were so depressed when we saw the aftermath, there were periods when we contemplated throwing in the towel because of the financial situation.” Thankfully, as is the way with so many true entrepreneurs, a “moment of clarity” quickly followed the turmoil.

Weathering the Storm

The brothers rallied, turning a devastating event into an opportunity to refresh their brand as a whole. “We never changed our name, but we did change the look and feel of the company because for us, coming out of Sandy was in many ways a re-birth.” The trio decided that one simple way to promote their new brand was to design Luxe Business Cards in their new aesthetic. “We discovered MOO and Luxe around the time we had to rebuild our business.” Craig says. “We’re big believers that life only hands out challenges that you’re capable of overcoming.” Indeed - it’s officially one year since Brewklyn Grind faced off against Sandy, and we’re happy to report the brothers’ business is going strong!

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Written on:
06 Nov 2014
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  • Brewklyn Grind
  • Brewklyn Grind
  • Brewklyn Grind
  • Brewklyn Grind

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