October 21, 2019

6 ways your business can give back this holiday season

Being generous over the holidays can boost your business and even improve your employees’ mental health. Here’s how to do it.

Your business has had a good year and you feel like giving a little something back; to charity, to your community, to your employees, or all three. But what’s the best way to express your gratitude? There are plenty of ways you can do some good this season, most of which offer sound business benefits too.

These six inspiring ways your company can make a difference over the holidays will spread tidings of comfort and joy to your customers, staff and community – as well as giving you a warm glow inside.

1. Encourage your staff to volunteer

Giving your staff free time off to do charitable work is a win-win situation. Employer-supported volunteering can benefit both your business and the individual – as well as being good for society, it’s been shown to boost mental health and could even help develop your employees’ leadership skills.

Businesses that encourage volunteering also get a big tick in the box marked ‘socially responsible’ – and investing in your community could pay long-term dividends. Also, while giving might be more rewarding than receiving, becoming more visible by getting your staff out into the community will give your business a positive PR boost.

2. Donate to a good cause

There are plenty of proven benefits for businesses who give to charity, including improving your company’s reputation and building the respect of your employees. Ask your team to help you nominate a charity, or choose a cause linked to your business (for example, if you design homeware, you could donate to a homelessness charity).

Although visibility isn’t the name of the game here, you could make a donation on behalf of each of your regular or key clients, letting them know in your company Greeting Card how much has been donated, and to which charity, as a thank you for their loyalty.

3. Give to your community

For those in need, Christmas can be a particularly challenging time, so why not examine your business to see if there’s anything you can offer in support of your local or wider community.

If you’re in manufacturing, you could hand out your product to charities who would benefit or, if you produce something fancy, offer a gift as a raffle prize.

If your business offers a service, offering time pro bono to a charity, or directly to those in need, is another way of spreading some good cheer without simply giving away cash.

4. Take part in a charity drive

There are plenty of creative ways you can encourage your staff to harness the holiday spirit to help others. Suggesting a group activity to raise money has the added bonus of minimising disruption to your office and bringing your team together for a common cause (one unrelated to your business).

Offer to match each donation made by staff – and make sure management gets stuck in too – and you’ll make even more of an impact. Short of ideas? Try one of these:

  • Charge a small fee for staff to wear a bobble hat or Christmas sweater in the office over the holidays. Offer a prize for the craziest design.
  • Ask staff to bring holiday bakes into the office to sell.
  • Produce a company calendar to sell for charity. Get everyone involved in the whole process, from choosing a theme and posing for photographs, to helping with production and selling the calendars.
  • Hold a ‘best decorated desk’ competition, asking entrants to decorate their desks in their lunch hour.
  • Ask staff to donate items or skills, and hold a holiday auction.

5. Sponsor an intern in the new year

Show you really mean it by extending your goodwill into 2019. Offering a sponsored internship spot, work experience placement or apprenticeship to a young person who needs help getting a foot on the ladder is great for your community, and could be beneficial for your business, too.

Reach out to local enterprise schemes that help young people find work, and they’ll be more than willing to help find an enthusiastic match for whatever paid work experience you can offer.

Although this represents a longer-term financial commitment than a bake sale, it’s an incredibly rewarding one, and could lead to you gaining a skilled and committed new worker.

6. Reward your employees

The benefits of making your employees feel valued are well-documented, and include happier workers and boosted trust within your business. And as well as demonstrating your generosity as an employer, it could also protect you from a mass exodus come the new year.

The holidays mark a time of change – and if your employees are among the 52% of workers who consider looking for a new job after the ball drops, it pays to make them feel valued as 2018 draws to a close.

Of course, a solid bonus in each pay cheque never goes amiss. But there are other, more creative ways to show your appreciation. And with 64% of workers admitting they don’t enjoy the company holiday party, and many of those pulling a ‘social sickie’ to avoid it, it might be worth putting your money towards one of these bonuses instead:

  • Join a perk scheme that offers employees discounts on pleasure purchases such as movie tickets and restaurants.
  • Give your staff additional free time off between Christmas and New Year. Let’s face it: they’re not getting much done during ‘Betwixtmas’ anyway.
  • Offer a range of perks they can choose from, so their gift is customized and won’t go to waste – for example, a gift card for a store or service of their choice.

If you can’t afford to recognize your employees with lump sums or costly perks, a small gift delivered in person with a handwritten Greeting Card goes further than you might think. It demonstrates that you genuinely value your workforce, and you’ve noticed their individual contribution to the team. Thanks to Printfinity, you even have the option of printing a different, personalized design on every card, earning you even more brownie points.

Want to spread the joy? Browse our customizable Greeting Cards.


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