How self-care can give your employees the boost they deserve

By taking your employee’s mental and physical health seriously, you give them the ability to recharge and work with a clearer, happier mind. Here are some small steps to let self-care give your employees a much-needed boost.

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When you hear the phrase “self-care,” you might imagine face masks, bubble baths, and long walks on the beach–– not exactly corporate activities. Yet in reality, small actions for personal wellbeing can also take place at the office. In fact, in an age where people can stay plugged into work 24/7, they’re necessary.

As the folks at First Round eloquently said, “Self-care is about harnessing your energy for productive good. And if that’s the case, then practicing self-care requires a lot more than physical maintenance, and is truly about staying engaged with, curious about, and compelled by what you’re doing every day.”

By taking your employee’s mental and physical health seriously, you give them the ability to recharge and work with a clearer, happier mind. Here are some small steps to help reach that point:

Get flexible

Unless your employees are interfacing with customers one-on-one, the traditional 9-5 might not be essential for all employees. While those hours might be convenient for some folks, they can seriously decrease the happiness of others. Flexible schedules–– even telecommuting or condensed weeks–– can help you get the best work out of your team.

While this new management style requires some trust and adjustment, the advantages make it worth it. For one thing, employees will spend far less time commuting, which equals a healthier mental state. Seriously–– according to a study by the Office for National Statistics, every minute added to a commute decreases their person’s sense of personal well being. Anyone who’s been in an overcrowded subway car knows how true that is! Flexible schedules also allow employees to feel a sense of ownership over their schedule, and can help families decrease childcare costs.

At this point you might be saying: “Great, my team is happy. But what does this do for our bottom line?” Good question! First of all, you’ll increase your ability to hire outstanding employees. After all, people are more likely to work with a company that respects their autonomy. Plus, you’ll earn a reputation as a family-friendly organization and increase overall morale.

Gimme a break

Despite the increasing popularity of phrases like “hustle harder,” every person on the planet works better when they take a break. That’s why it’s important for company management to give their team permission to step away from the desk. Make it clear that they’re doing everyone a favor by getting some space. Not only will they make themselves happier, but they’ll also come back to their work with a fresh mind. It’s a win for everyone.

One of our favorite ways to take a break, while supercharging mental clarity and overall happiness, is meditation. Hey, if it works for Steve Jobs, it can work for you.

Meditation looks different for each participant. Whether you take a 5 minute break every hour to clear your mind, or step away from the computer to go on a walk, it all counts towards a clearer mind. In order to make meditation commonplace within your company, lead by example. If your employees see you taking your mental health seriously, they’ll follow suit.

“Every person on the planet works better when they take a break.”

Less goals, more growth

Goal-setting is an easy way to track progress through the year. Yet if it’s not done correctly, these milestones can lack meaning. That’s why we encourage going one step beyond setting goals. Instead, focus more on the your employee’s development in achieving these goals—whether that be key learnings, new skills, or by encouraging them to try something outside of their job description. These parameters will help employees feel like they can not only meet targets, but contribute to their personal growth and development in their field. This will provide you with a sense of accomplishment, which is crucial for happiness.

If you’re looking for a little extra goal-setting motivation, provide your team with quality Notebooks. You know, the kind that deserve to be filled with their dreams.

An emphasis on self-care within your corporate culture is a must. Have some self-care practices at your office? Share in the comments below!

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