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“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more?”.

As unlikely as it seems, Dr. Seuss’s The Grinch makes a good point – with so many shop bought generic gifts, what can you put in their stockings to make your children have an unforgettable Christmas? The answer’s simple – make a few stocking fillers yourself.

Here’s a few of MOO’s favourite ideas to get you started.

Flashy fun

These Family Flash cards are really easy to make – all you need is some memorable photos of family members, and some MOO Postcards. It’s a great gift for children who are just discovering reading.

You can put different images on the front of every card, so you can use a whole range of familiar pictures from your child’s life, from their school teacher to their favourite toy to the playground near their home. From Aunt Liz to Zebra Crossing, they’ll be reading in no time.

Learning game

Alternatively, try and make your own version of this great Alphabet Game from MOO user, radio DJ and blogger Taragh Bissett, who used Business Cards to make a game that involved both her children. She asked them to find items beginning with letters of the alphabet and photographed them holding up their items. Then she created Alphabet Cards (with a little help from MOO!) and turned ABC’s into a fun, family game.

Keep it in mind

A photographic Memory Game is perfect for strengthening powers of retention – and keeping them quiet during your traditional post-Christmas dinner nap. It’s a very simple concept, made easier with MOO’s Printfinity technology.

Personalise a pack of 50 business cards with memorable photographs of friends, family and themselves to create a Memory Game that’s fun and familiar. They’ll spend hours turning them over trying to find the matching pairs, and they’ll do you proud with those obscure second cousins at next year’s Christmas lunch.

Sticky fingers

No need for too much crafting effort from Mum and Dad here – Stickers are fun for kids no matter what you put on them. But you can make them festive, or use family photos to make them personal to your children. Plus, they’re teeny enough to fit neatly into even the most overstuffed stocking.

Mum, I’m bored!

Got some spare MOO cards lying around? Crafter, blogger and all-round DIY buff Jessica Wilson did – so she turned them into something halfway between building blocks and a house of cards, just by cutting into the middle, and piecing the cards together. According to Jessica, it keeps her children happy for hours.

Looking for more tips on ways to transform your MOO cards into Christmas stocking fillers? Have a look at our Inspiration gallery – we’ve got loads of creative customers who love sharing their ideas with us.

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  • Memory Card game
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