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Style and stability

Lewis Mitchell and Clare Johns founded Really Well Made back in 2012 as they felt that the majority of designer furniture looked nice, but didn’t necessarily function properly. Lewis said, “There are too many tables that wobble, uncomfortable chairs that scratch, and lamps that fall apart. A very simple idea occurred to us… to create a design-led web store that offers a carefully curated range of contemporary products that actually work.”

Packaging gets personal

We love their range and we love what they do with their packaging too, “We use both MOO Original Business Cards and MOO Luxe Postcards to handwrite a message for each and every customer. It’s a personal touch that they really appreciate and it also encourages engagement with our social feeds. We also use Stickers across the packaging, the ability to create as many different designs as we like at the same cost is great, it gives our customers a familiar but different experience every time they shop with us.

Written on:
21 Aug 2015
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  • Really well made
  • Really well made
  • Really well made

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