Meet Fashion Fucsia

Fashion Fucsia is an illustrator living in Spain who is inspired by film, fashion and festive occasions! No stranger to MOO products, she's made bookmarks, "MOOgnets" and beautiful cards - and the MiniCard is her MOO of choice. She particularly likes using bright colours to make Christmas hang tags out of her minis - and we can't think of a prettier way to decorate a tree.

Inspiration all around

"These illustrations are inspired by simple things: snowy days, shopping gifts, cooking for family, warm clothing, time spent with with friends" she tells us "I'd like people forget their worries and smile! I decided to turn them into hangtags because they can be used on gifts for an extra special touch, for home decoration,... and to cheer up people up!"

Mixed Media

Using her own, very distinctive cute Christmas themed illustrations (we love the classic red and green colour scheme) uploaded onto MiniCards, Fashion Fucsia has used a really simple combination of red felt, thin red ribbon and some special craft scissors to create some really unique hang tags. And the best part? They're for sale!

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Written on:
06 Nov 2013
MiniCard Ideas, Christmas Ideas, Retail
  • Fashion Fucsia
  • Fashion Fucsia
  • Fashion Fucsia

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