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No hidden costs

  • Colour

    Our MiniCards are printed in full colour, on both sides of the card. There is no extra charge for this (not even sneaky hidden ones).

  • One pack lots of designs

    With 100 MiniCards per pack, there's the option to print a different image or design on every one. We call this Printfinity.

Which paper would you like?

  • Original

    A heavy paper with silky finish this stock was chosen for its great print quality and luxurious, thick feel. Available in gloss finish.

  • Luxe

    Our finest paper stock. Four layers of sumptuous Mohawk Superfine sandwiched together to create the ultimate MiniCard.

Essential Information

100 £12.23
(£10.19 ex. VAT)
(£23.99 ex. VAT)
200 £24.46
(£20.38 ex. VAT)
(£47.98 ex. VAT)
400 £48.92 £42.83
(£35.69 ex. VAT)
£115.16 £77.99
(£64.99 ex. VAT)
800 £97.84 £85.66
(£71.38 ex. VAT)
£230.32 £129.98
(£108.32 ex. VAT)
  • Business Cards final card size

    Card size

    70mm x 28mm
    2.75" x 1.10"
  • Business Cards final artwork size

    Artwork size

    74mm x 32mm
    2.9" x 1.26"

Artwork tips and FAQs

What you can do with MiniCards

  • Promotion MiniCards

    Promotional Cards

    When advertising products at events, Perch create MiniCards, each with a trackable code. Potential customers grab a card and use the unique code to try out the software. Not only is it a great promo tool, but Perch can track their most successful events. Smart!
  • Craft tag MiniCards

    Brand your products

    Whether you're selling your products in person or online, adding a little branding in the form of a MiniCard can be a useful tool. It helps people remember your store, gives your customers something to share, and if you add a little flair like Tamar, your cards become something to keep!

The MOO Promise

We've never thought 'satisfaction guaranteed' was the most inspiring phrase. We'd like you to be satisfied of course, but we'd prefer it if you were absolutely thrilled beyond words with your order. We take great pride in our work, and we want you to feel the same about yours. So, even for the tiniest of typos, we’ll move heaven and earth to make sure you get exactly what you want – or your money back!