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Luxe life

Ever had that eureka moment? Rick’s selfie project: gentlemen adventure was one of them, he said, “One day, while I was at the library I looked across the local theatre and that’s when I had a eureka moment; to wear multiple outfits from the costume shop. To create 10 different personas for a new set of business cards, with 3,000 costumes to choose from this process was a child’s dream come true. The story of these cards was posted on several design blogs, as it has a certain universal appeal to them.” *Blush* we’re so glad to be apart of it.

Why MOO?

On using Printfinity, Rick said, “Without it I could not have created the Gentlemen Adventurers business cards. After all I came up with 10 personas but if I had the time I could have done 50.” And lastly, “I love MOO’s range of card stock and quality of print. There’s a great tactile quality to them that cannot be replicated by any online process.”

Written on:
25 Sep 2015
Luxe Ideas, Graphic Design, Business Cards Ideas, Printfinity
  • Rick Byrne
  • Rick Byrne
  • Rick Byrne

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