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Sometimes minimalism makes the biggest impact. Just like this sleek and simple Letterhead design, delivering all the information your clients need with minimum fuss. Why not maximise the potential of your communications by sending them on your very own Letterhead design.

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This Letterhead is from MOO Designs - a collaborative effort from the design team here at MOO. All our designers have an individual style that we love, but they’re also brilliant at working as a team towards a single goal. We’ll give them a theme or idea, and they’ll meld their minds together to produce a series of beautiful designs.

Über die Designer

Dieses Design ist das Produkt des MOO Design Teams. Jeder unserer Designer hat einerseits seinen eigenen Stil, andererseits arbeiten unsere kreativen Köpfe auch großartig als Team zusammen. Wir geben einfach ein Thema vor und unsere Designer verarbeiten unsere Ideen zu wunderschönen Karten-Designs.

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