What happens when a digital developer gets together with an illustrator and uses Luxe Business Cards as their canvas? Some pretty cool super premium Business Cards, that's what!

Meet Thunder Chunky and The Boy Fitz Hammond

Thunder Chunky is an art and illustration site founded by developer and designer Jon Raffe which showcases artists from around the world but also runs collaborative art projects, ranging from limited edition t-shirt ranges to collectable prints and badges. He's good friends with seriously talented illustrator The Boy Fitz Hammond, and when Luxe Business Cards came along, they couldn't wait to collaborate.

I'm a celebrity - get me onto there

Jon came up with a series of "celebrity" cards. "We've been talking about the idea of collectable art cards for a while, but were always wary that the cards had to be slick if we wanted people to treasure them." The Boy Fitz Hammond rendered celebrity faces like Mick Hucknall and pals onto the Luxe Business Cards - and we think they look brilliant.

Cool collectables

"They remind me of the collectable cards I used to swap in the playground when I was little." The Boy Fitz Hammond tells us "Also, the Mohawk Superfine paper makes them substantial - and they've gone down really well with other people too. As one person commented, "they're massively better than the usual business card malarkey!" And giving people taste of my illustrations on something as simple yet effective as a Business Card is a good way to hook a persons attention." Jon adds "We already put Thunder Chunky MiniCards and Postcards to put in with any products we send out to people, and we're going to expand this idea a bit more as well." Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Written on:
06 Nov 2013
Business Cards, Marketing, Illustrator
  • Thunder Chunky and The Boy Fitz Hammond

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