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David Boynton is currently working on getting his architectural license while trying to develop his freelance career within architecture photography. He moved to Seattle, Washington and says that this has been the best moment of his career so far “I managed to get a great job in architecture with flexible enough hours to continue my duel love of photography and design.”

Central to promotion

On using MOO products, he said “I use MOO cards to network and to give to people while shooting on location. Having that physical high quality print in their hands can really make a lasting impression.” Why thanks David, but what drew him to our rounded corner square business cards? “Something clicked when I saw MOO's new Rounded Square Business Cards and I knew I wanted to use a simple yet iconic centered logo. After many iterations the final version was created and placed on top of some of my most iconic images.” Don’t you just love it when things just click?

Written on:
01 Oct 2015
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  • David Boynton
  • David Boynton
  • David Boynton
  • David Boynton
  • David Boynton

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