Back in 2008, MOO organised a worldwide, online, in-product and 'Great Outdoors' Egg Hunt. It was for a limited period of time only, but it was a lot of fun...

This page is here because people still link to the Egg Hunt and we thought it would be nice to give you an explanation. It's also great for us to have a reminder of all the hard work everyone put in - not just those here at MOO, but you too.

How did it all work? Well, just like a traditional Easter Egg Hunt, people went hunting for eggs. Rather than opt for a standard Easter egg design, we thought we'd have some fun with ours, and so each egg was disguised as a Mexican Wrestler. There were six diferent wrestlers to look out for, ranging from 'Sandolio The Scrambler' to 'The Frying Frederico' and 'El Smashing Supremo.'

Every working day, five different clues were posted to the blog. Each clue was active for just 24 hours, meaning the race was on to find the eggs before the clues and the prizes expired. Eggs were hidden on MOO itself, but we also managed to hide some in other places around the web. Flickr, Picnik, Etsy, Timbuk2, Blurb and Ponoko all joined in, hiding our Mexican Wrestling Eggs on their own sites.

We also took our hunt offline and into the real world. Clues were hidden in customers' orders, and in different outdoor locations around the globe.

We hid stickers featuring our eggs in London, Montreal, Bordeaux, Oaxaca, Tokyo, Paris, Niagra Falls, Toronto, New York, Brighton, Glasgow, BC, Oslo, Barcelona, Brussels, Silicon Valley, Wellington, Oxford, Konstanz, San Francisco and Santa Barbara!

Hunters found the Stickers by checking out the shots in the Flickr pool for clues, and sending us their snaps once they'd found them.

In total, we gave away 3648 prizes. There was also one grand prize of a basket full of goodies, including a digital camera, chocolate, Flickr Pro accounts, blurb books and more.

While this event was just a one off, it did whet our appetite for community fun! We've since held quizzes and competitions on the blog, focussing on everything from the MOO community's powers of deduction to their creative skills.

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Stickers, Illustration, Easter, Pre-prepared Artwork, MOO Readymade
  • MOO Eggs hiding around the world
  • MOO Eggs hiding around the world
  • MOO Eggs hiding around the world

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