How do you convey a product that you can’t feel, touch or hold in your hands?

It's a question that all media agencies, however successful, have to think about. When you have a prospective client wanting to know exactly who the creative minds working on their marketing, advertising or branding campaigns are, what's the best way to show them?

Well, as three of our media company clients have shown us, you don't need a tangible product to spread the word with a Business Card. All you need is an open mind, outside-the-box ideas, and a great team bursting with passion for their jobs!

SAY Media

This innovative digital media agency has a fresh approach to helping their clients advertise and grow - a 7 principled game plan that believes storytelling in media is vital in the digital age. And refreshingly, this ethos is carried over onto their employees Business Cards.

Each card has a photo taken by an individual SAY Media emloyee, representing their particular passion. This is designed to pique a prospective client's interest and encourage a conversation around the power of passionate, independent voices and how brands can best leverage these voices to reach their target audience in authentic and engaging ways.

Unruly Media

A viral video marketing company, Unruly Media have worked on over 1000 viral campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands. Of course, showcasing this "product" is tricky, so they made their Business Cards work harder by putting a still from a successful video viral on the front of every card.

They also included important details that would interest a client, such as how many times the video was viewed, how many times it was shared on social media outlets, and make full use of the great flair for visual design that makes their virals so popular.

Universal Mind

As with any digital solutions agency, it's difficult to actually show - especially in a single image - exactly what Universal Mind does for their clients to help their brand engagement. But they came up with a solution for showcasing their custom-built apps for global devices and the internet, by showing how devices and humans come together.

A hand, a coffee cup, an open book - it's a subtle yet very effective way of demonstrating to new clients (on a Business Card) how important the people and ideas are behind the technology, and that this is a new approach; a creative and practical way to communicate your message.

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  • SAY Media Business Cards
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  • Unruly Media Business Cards

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