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Square Business Cards

This Business Card comes in all shapes (well, three to be exact). There’s a ‘looking in through a window” effect in this clever design that lends intrigue to an otherwise straightforward layout. Upload whatever image best represents your business into the slots, and use the back to present your details, fuss-free.

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As a child, I watched a show called Rainbow, and one of my favourite parts was “Which window will be look through today?”. They had a circle, a square, a triangle and another one (possibly a diamond, it was a while ago!). I liked the uncertainty of that section of the show, and I like how it translates here, especially if you have a variety to choose from for your clients.

About the designer

Matt Avery is a designer and art director who grew up in Essex, and now lives in East London. When not working at MOO you might find him playing music with the band 'Kindness', or trying to get his drum machines to work. He has a hatred of Croc shoes.

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