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Is this a design for a law firm, a management consultant, or an individual freelancer? It could be for all of them and more. Starkly versatile, this customisable, minimal design keeps it simple on the front, leaving you room on the details side for an image – for example, a profile picture would work well.

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My dad was a railway enthusiast, and this is inspired by the style of the vintage signs that he gifted me (even though I’d rather have had a Nintendo at the time!). Plus, there’s a little box at the back for your logo - handy!

About the designer

Matt Avery is a designer and art director who grew up in Essex, and now lives in East London. When not working at MOO you might find him playing music with the band 'Kindness', or trying to get his drum machines to work. He has a hatred of Croc shoes.

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