Freelance 101: 5 freelancing tips for beginners

Ready to take the leap? Here are 5 expert tips to start a successful career as a freelancer.

Ready to take the leap? If top freelancers say they’re happier and earn more, the real challenges are elsewhere. Finding clients and having a full pipeline of work is often the main obstacle keeping aspiring freelancers from pursuing their dream.

So, how to get started? Before you dive into the solo entrepreneur life, here are 5 expert freelancing tips to start a successful career as a freelancer.

1. Update your portfolio

You’ve done great work, now show it off! When you go into the world of freelance and you’re pitching your services, make sure your portfolio reflects the work that you want to do. Don’t be afraid to make a mock project for your dream company if you don’t have any experience working in that specific field. It could get you your first freelance gig!

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The second rule of a good portfolio is to prioritise quality over quantity. Don’t be discouraged if you only have 1 or 2 projects under your belt. When it comes to your portfolio, having quality work that you’re proud of should be the focus rather than putting everything you’ve ever done on display.

2. Do research on your rate

Don’t blindly set a rate for your services, and never undersell yourself. It’s essential to set strong foundations for your career as a freelancer. Survey fellow freelancers. Read blogs of freelancers with a similar skillset. Meet other freelancers and learn from their experiences through online communities like Domino The Bonsai Rate Explorer. It’s a great resource to start with to make sure you’re charging what you’re worth. Make sure you know you are valuing yourself properly before you go out and pitch your services.

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3. Be discoverable

Discoverability is key to a successful freelance career. Make it easy for people to learn more about you by creating a website or online portfolio, create bespoke social media accounts to share your best pieces and use Business Cards and Postcards to showcase examples of your work along with your details.

You can also create an page and including it in your email signature and Twitter bio. This way, when someone comes across your social media sites or you send a cold-email, someone can meet you and see all of your awesome work.

4. Get the word out

And we mean EVERYONE. This is one of the most important freelancing tips for beginners. Your best resource when it comes to finding your first freelance gig is your network. When you decide to make the plunge into the world of freelancing, tell all your friends, colleagues and family! Tweet it out, send a mass email, post it to your Instagram and LinkedIn – do it all so that everyone knows you’re looking for freelance work. Don’t be shy! Your next freelancing project could be just around the corner.

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5. Join a community

A successful freelance career is all about networking. To increase the chances of you finding new clients, put yourself out there! Join social media groups and participate in chats based on your skillset, attend online networking events and reach out to your dream clients directly. Let them know you just entered the game!

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