May 3, 2020

5 self-care habits to get into if you work from home

Working at home means you’ve got total control over your work environment – so why not make it into a VIP experience with these daily self-care habits?

Whether your kitchen-table business is booming or you’re still getting things started, you need to take good care of its most precious asset – yourself. Combine these self-care tips with our secrets to home-working success and you’ll be unstoppable.


1. Make human contact (while respecting social distancing)

No matter how introverted you are, you’ll benefit from a little bit of human “contact” during your working day. Studies suggest that good-quality social connections have a direct impact on our health, with well-connected people living longer than their more isolated counterparts.

Home-working is solitary by nature, so make an effort to reach out. Text a friend, call your family, or even make some admin-type calls and be friendly with the person in the call center. Hit two birds with one stone and get in touch with some clients you haven’t worked with lately.

2. Go for a wander out of doors

No matter how busy things are, you can afford to take a 10 minute walk around the block. If things are really hectic, take your phone with you.

Walking is a natural stress-reliever that will help work any tension out of your muscles. Psychologically, you benefit from a mini endorphin hit, plus the sense of perspective you get from observing the world around you (which still goes on no matter what’s happening in your inbox.)

Some people like a morning stroll before getting down to work for the day, while for others, taking a walk in the early afternoon can help stave off the urge to doze after lunch.

3. Look after your back

Sitting all day at a desk isn’t great for your spine, but unlike the average office worker, you have the option to try out back-friendly options like a standing desk or replacing your seat with an exercise ball. If you do prefer to sit, invest in the best quality work chair you can afford. If you’re on a budget, buying a lumbar support pad for an ordinary chair can help.

4. Food glorious food

Fact: if you were commuting to an office, you would be spending money on fares, fuel and probably the odd takeaway coffee too. Put the equivalent amount into a food-fund for yourself to pay for nice things to eat while working at home.

We don’t mean sugary snacks or junk food – this is all about making yourself feel great in the long-term. Instead, think exotic fruit, specialty breads, antipasto, cheeses and top-notch teas and coffees. Remember to keep your food-fund separate from the regular household grocery shop – this one’s just for you.

5. Feed your senses

Okay, we took care of taste in tip 4, but you have 4 other senses you can use to nurture yourself and boost your mood during a day working at home.

Feast your eyes on beautiful images on Pinterest or Instagram, or look through some illustration or photography books. Hug your pet (if you have one) or wrap yourself in your favourite jumper or blanket.  Put on some music – classical tunes can boost your concentration, but the main thing is to enjoy the music, so if country and western is your bag, go for it.

For your sense of smell, gather a few fresh herbs from your garden or kitchen and inhale their scent, or if you have some, light scented candles to sweeten the air around you.

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