The art of doing one thing well

In a culture pushing you to do more, we look at the brands taking a radical, pared-back approach.

The art of doing one really well, the brands we love at MOO

Our fast-moving culture has drummed a ‘more is more’ mindset into us. The need for businesses to constantly expand, diversify their product ranges, offer new services, and break into new markets has led to some pretty questionable products. (Remember when KFC launched chicken-scented sunscreen, and Bic started selling disposable underwear?). 

But then there are the nay-sayer brands that reject this pedal-to-the-metal mentality. These brands don’t have massive catalogs or elaborate menus. Instead, they’re hyper-focused on becoming masters of one thing. Their pared-back approach is pretty radical in a world constantly pushing for more. 

Here are some of the principles brands adopt as they pursue doing one thing well. 

Think bigger

Rivian automotive showcasing one of their innovative electric vehicles.
Image credit: @rivianofficial

Some brands are on a mission to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Rivian is one such brand – they’re finding better ways of doing things for people and the planet. They want to help decarbonize the future and inspire industries towards using sustainable energy. 

They’re doing this through their innovative electric vehicles. Built to last, Rivian designs for complete life cycles; battery packs are recyclable and can be used in ‘second life’ applications. The vehicle’s interiors are made from 100% animal-free materials, while the reusable dunnage containers at their plant are made from ocean-bound plastics. Innovation runs through everything Rivian does as they focus on perfecting and future-proofing doing their ‘one thing.’ 

Champion craftsmanship

Jeans manufacturer Huit creating a pair of custom jeans in Wales, UK
Image credit: Huit Denim

British brand Huit Denim Co. practically invented the concept of doing one thing well: “We make jeans. Nothing Else. No distractions. Just the best pair of jeans that time and skill will allow.” Worn by Meghan Markle and Arctic Monkeys, their made-to-order jeans are produced from 100% organic cotton. Huit is big on sustainability, educating their customers on how to care for their bespoke garments and promoting a ‘buy less, buy better’ lifestyle. 

The brand also honors their town’s textile heritage. Cardigan in West Wales was once the jean-making powerhouse of Britain, producing 35,000 pairs a week for over three decades until it closed its doors in 2002. But thanks to Huit’s revival of intentional craftsmanship, Cardigan is again a jean-making town.

Don’t compromise on quality

The Meatball Shop showing their single-dish restaurant brand
Image credit: @meatballers

Do you always experience decision paralysis when ordering at restaurants? If so, it sounds like you need to eat somewhere that only serves one thing. Single-dish restaurants don’t try to impress with elaborate menus or fanciful ingredients. Instead, they’re dedicated to mastering just one quality dish – like The Meatball Shop in New York City, which makes the ‘best meatballs in the world.’ 

Founded by childhood friends Daniel Holzman and Michael Chernow, the pair are dedicated to sourcing premium ingredients for their Insta-worthy meatballs. They work closely with passionate growers and producers to source the best local, all-natural ingredients. And with over 68k followers on Instagram, it shows that quality trumps quantity – especially when it comes to meatballs.

Go deep on design

The Loftie Clock, designed to help reduce screen time for a better nights sleep.
Image credit: @byloftie

Design is about more than cool branding or nice aesthetics. Design is also functional and serves a clear purpose – such as promoting blissful sleep. If you’re struggling to get your full eight hours, then you need a Loftie Clock. Loftie promotes a screen-free nightly routine, helping you fall asleep quicker and wake up feeling refreshed. You can play a range of music, meditations, bedtime stories, white noise, and nature sounds straight from it. The two-phase alarm clock mimics your body’s natural waking process and features calming alarm sounds so you always start your day right. Mastering the art of one thing really lets you drill down and perfect the function of a product so it’s got both style and substance. 

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