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Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

The Anger Room is a place where people can release stress and anger by destroying room settings or they can just do it for fun. It is the only business in the world that can provide such a unique and customized service and I came up with the entire concept at the age of 16!

We're loving the imagery on your Postcards. How else did you spread the word of your business?

​It started with traditional word of mouth then I moved on to social media and my website. From them on it took a life of itself. I'd say the unique factor is what made the business that much more sought after by everyone.

What do you think has made The Anger Room a success?

​I believe the uniqueness of my company and the services we provide makes us a success. How I treat my employees and the experiences they get to share with all of the customers that come in is one of a kind. It makes us all more family oriented and be able to relate to many different people for many different backgrounds.

Written on:
27 Oct 2015
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