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Although Sarah Brasky admits “dog adoption concierge was not a clear career path” she’s allowing her heart to take the lead with The Dog Matchmaker.

My background in visual imagery and teaching has helped my dog work in many ways, particularly with my work as The Dog Matchmaker and in running my non-profit organization Foster Dogs NYC.

When I graduated from college and started Foster Dogs NYC, I connected with numerous shelters and animal rescuers. I kept hearing from friends and strangers that they would love help adopting a dog. It dawned on me that I could create a small business that helped adopters in a way no one else was doing. I created The Dog Matchmaker in 2011.

How has branding helped your business?

Branding helps any type of corporation in many ways, the first being recognition. I started my nonprofit organization Foster Dogs NYC six years ago, and have constantly found ways to get the word out about our mission: to help shelter dogs find temporary homes, and avoid going to a shelter. One of my volunteers is a graphic designer, and she created our logo, which is on all our literature and Business Cards. We stick with a certain color scheme and font, and keep our brand positive and light.

Written on:
27 Oct 2015
Business Cards, Postcards, Illustrator
  • A MOOcard’s best friend
  • A MOOcard’s best friend
  • A MOOcard’s best friend

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