We all remember how hard it was back then. The desperate urge to point at someone's hat or cartwheel down the aisle. The need to go and talk to someone the other side of the hall as the speeches start, or test just how far you can run before you get caught.

If you're thinking about making your own wedding favors, consider making something special for your younger guests. It will keep them quiet - even if it's just for a little while - and make them feel very special at the same time.

We've yet to meet a child that doesn't love Stickers. (To be honest, most adults we've asked love them too.) So why not take inspiration from surely the kindest of grooms, Michael Scott, who created a wonderful Stickerbook full of his own photography.

His stickers featured cute little shots of his daughter's toys, but there are endless possibilities. Photos of family and friends or your own wedding-themed designs. Alternatively, why not choose an appropriate Ready Made pack for something simple and speedy? There's a range of different styles and designs to choose from, something for every taste.

Each StickerBook has 15 individual tear out sheets - that's 90 different Stickers - so they're a cute, personal and cost effective gift.

When the big day is over, make the most of your photos! Upload them to MOO to create your own wedding pack. They make a wonderful little seal for your thank you card envelopes - if you can bare to give them away!

Thanks for sharing your Stickers with us, Michael!

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Stickers, Photographer, Photography, Pre-prepared Artwork, Wedding
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Create your own StickerBooks...

  • Upload your images These can be photos or full artwork. Alternatively import images from Flickr, Facebook or Etsy.
  • Or browse MOO templates Use one of our layouts to create professional and creative cards
  • Make your cards! In no time at all have amazing MOO cards to share!
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