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Abi Purser is founder and CEO of the The Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel Group, the world’s first luxury boutique hotel for cats:

We take care of our owner’s precious cats when they are unable to - in an immaculate and homely hotel environment and always aim to offer our guests a better holiday than their owners.

How did you get your name out there and make people aware of your business?

The early days were challenging. I was very lucky to have an expert taking the form of Matt my husband who was always there to advise me on the most effective ways to market Longcroft online. Matt also designed our rather gorgeous new spa Flyers which MOO are kindly producing for our hotels!

How about your branding and design choices:

We wanted something from our brand that was unique, eye catching and something our customers could relate to whilst representing the five star services we offer. We also wanted to make it fun. We are a cat hotel and have cat welfare at the heart of all we do but we also offer a mini bar and spa services for our feline guests so it was important to portray our sense of humour too. We have invested in design every step of the way. From the materials we use in building the bespoke, wrought iron, individually crafted cat beds to an engaging website design and customer communications. Great design is critical in every decision we make.

Written on:
27 Oct 2015
Flyers, Business Cards, Postcards, Illustrator
  • Fabulous Feline Flyers
  • Fabulous Feline Flyers

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