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Firstly, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your business?

My name’s Soner Ozenc - Mechanical Engineer, Product Designer, Web Developer, Cook. I set up RazorLAB (online laser cutting platform) in 2009 and a year ago MakersCAFE to provide 3d printing, laser cutting and coffee in one social atmosphere.

How did you develop the look and feel of Makers Café? Aside from your beautiful Flyers of course!

It was all natural. We wanted to keep it simple. Blacks, whites and plywood. It is what people remember. It is important to give that 'Maker' feel and also the coffee to give an 'intimacy' feel. The brand is the souvenir that customers take away when they leave your store and what they share with friends/family. We are a fairly small company and our 'brand' is our biggest asset.

What do you think has made your business a success?

The unusual combination of 3d printing and coffee. The fact that it is a welcoming space and we do not put pressure on people to make things. They can chill out, socialise, discuss projects and get involved as much as they want to.

Written on:
27 Oct 2015
Flyers, Postcards, Illustrator
  • Connections over coffee
  • Connections over coffee
  • Connections over coffee

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