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Blogging etiquette

Meet Natalie Malik – an artist, art blogger, and barista. She's a loyal MOO customer and author of Awkward and Beautiful, who uses her designs on her cards to network with other bloggers.

"You never know when you might stumble upon something blog-worthy, whether it's a restaurant or a small boutique, and you'll need to present a card to someone and ask permission to mention them in your blog!" she says. "It keeps it professional and helps with blog etiquette (because permission is always good, and it gets the business to notice you!) Once they have your business card, let them know you'll be talking about them, and they'll check out your blog to see what you said. It's a win-win situation."

Don't cut corners…

…but round them off instead! Rounded Corner Business Cards give Natalie's unusual illustrations an added bit of stand-out cachet. She adds "I love how MOO imports my Flickr photos so easily. The business cards are just the right size to show off my artwork on one side, with enough space to add all the details on the other side, which my customers love! They've told me that they keep the cards just because they look like mini art prints."

My blog, my brand

Natalie is an artist, but she also understands that to make your art represent you properly, you need to make yourself into a brand, however subtle and arty it may be. Explains Natalie, "When designing your card, always think about your brand and what best represents it. If you handed your card to someone and they had to judge your blog/shop by the card, what would you want them to see? Your card is your blog/shop on paper. Make a good impression and you'll be sure to lure them in."

Fancy making some Rounded Corner Business Cards? Use your own artwork like Natalie, or browse our exclusive designs.

  • Awkward and Beautiful
  • Awkward and Beautiful

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