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A Touch of Whimsy

Alice Potter is a London-based illustrator with a wonderful knack for design that is both whimsical and elegant. In her own words, her style often features big, lovely colours and strong geometric shapes. Finding continual inspiration in the natural world – often incorporating stylised woodland creatures and plant life - Alice has a love for children’s book illustration that is easily reflected in the playful designs she creates for her Etsy shop.  Each of her products listed (Greeting Cards, prints, tote bags, and more) is a fanciful piece perfect for grown-ups who haven’t quite surrendered to growing up. In her own words, they’re “designed to make people smile and bring a bit of colour into their lives.” - we can’t imagine a kinder endeavour!

Spreading the Cheer

Alice helps others spread smiles with her line of Etsy Greeting Cards – she uses MOO’s Printfinity to create multiple sets of cards with her own illustrations. Each order is scrupulously wrapped in scalloped brown paper, tied up with twine, and finished with a lovely custom MiniCard hang tag featuring her logo. In other words, receiving a package from her shop is simply more special than your average card shopping experience. It’s the extra little touches together with her flow of new designs that makes it a pleasure for customers to come back again and again (and again!).

While Alice applies her designs to everything from tote bags to homewares (some of which, have even been sold in Urban Outfitters), she takes special note of her Greeting Cards collection around Christmas. Each year she creates a handful of designs for those who want to send something a little more unique than a run of the mill greeting card. “They are not overtly festive, but they do give a subtle nod to the season.”

When we asked her what her favourite part of the festive season was, she replied, “Presents of course! Although, I prefer finding gifts for people to actually receiving them.” That matches well with the thoughtfulness behind her cards. She added, “I also love all the food of course, but there is always too much of it.” Too much food? No, never.

Want to know more about Alice? You can visit her site here, plus check out how you could use Greeting Cards this holiday season.

Written on:
06 Nov 2013
MiniCard Ideas, Printfinity, Greeting Cards
  • Alice Potter Designs
  • Alice Potter Designs
  • Alice Potter Designs
  • Alice Potter Designs
  • Alice Potter Designs

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