Staying in touch with clients is so important ! Particularly during the holiday season when a little goodwill goes a long way – it is the perfect time to give something special, while putting the spotlight firmly back on you.

The question is: What to send? Well, you know the drill when it comes to corporate Holiday greetings – send a whole bunch of impersonal Holiday cards out to clients, and receive a whole bunch of equally impersonal cards in return. Not exactly the best example of the spirit of giving, is it?

Luckily, MOO has the solution, with our customizable Greeting Cards and some seriously jazzy festive packaging that’s sure to keep you top of your clients’ Holiday Card list for at least another year.

Whether you’re an independent crafter wanting to make an impression, or a larger company seeking a personal touch with minimal effort, printing beautiful, bespoke Holiday cards with MOO really couldn’t be easier.

Spoilt for choice

So you want to send your customers some cards to make you stand out?
You can use your own images or photography on the front – but don’t forget we’ve also got a huge range of unique Readymade designs and templates to choose from. It really is that easy - just browse, choose and print! And of course, with Printfinity, you can have a different image on every single card!

Soft sell

If you’re sending clients Holiday cards, why not gently remind them who you are and what you do for them right on the front of the card? If you’re a crafter, it’s the perfect way to showcase your work – and remind them how beautiful it is to give as a gift.


Did you know you can print your own logo onto the back of MOO Greeting Cards? It’s a great way to show clients you’re serious about your own brand – and if your logo works well in a design, go ahead and put it on the front too. There’s nothing quite like a bit of subliminal advertising!

Festive marketing mailout

Everyone loves gifts in the holiday season - including your clients. You can print 25 Greeting Cards with your brand on the back and choice of images on the front, and include things like promotional vouchers and seasonal discounts with unique promo codes - printed on personalised Business Cards or MiniCards!

Pretty packaging

Since you’re taking the time out to print up some festive Greeting Cards for your clients, why not go all the way and send it in our beautiful MOO envelopes? We’ve got festive styles of red, silver and gold that are sure to make a lasting impression. Which is the whole point, isn’t it?

  • Holiday Card by artist Phizzychick!
  • MOO Readymade Holiday designs
  • MOO's festive Envelopes

Create your own Greeting Cards

  • Upload your images These can be photos or full artwork. Alternatively import images from Flickr, Facebook or Etsy.
  • Or browse MOO templates Use one of our layouts to create professional and creative cards
  • Make your cards! In no time at all have amazing MOO cards to share!
  • Start making now

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