Woodland Picnic


We're all a little bit wild, under our formal attire, aren't we? Send these charmingly drawn fantastical animals to your beastliest friends, and see if you can't lure them out of their burrows, for tea and cakes.

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These beautifully civilised animals are similar to those in Wind In The Willows or the illustrated stories of Beatrix Potter, they may wear clothes and act like humans, but they're still very much part of the wildness of nature, with instincts you can read on their faces. If want to show off your feral side, but still with immaculate taste and manners, put them on your Postcards.

About the designer

Born in the lowlands of Holland and now living in the higherlands of Scotland, Daphne Louter works a tiny desk overlooking some sheep-grazed hills. Here, sipping small cups of coffee, she conjures up singular scenes in which a succession of creatures play the starring roles. (Though, it seems, bunnies pop up more often than others...)

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