Forecasting for success: how to get corporate gifting right 

Set your business up for success with the hottest insights, trends, and tips for corporate gifting.

Branded corporate gifts in box.

Nothing says “I appreciate you” quite like a gift – even in the corporate world. With gifting so embedded into business culture, it’s more important than ever to get it right. 

Being intentional (and strategic) with your corporate gifts helps build authentic relationships with clients, partners, and employees, maximizes your budget, and sets your business up for success. 

We all know how important corporate gifting is, but how much do we actually know about it? 

The low-down on corporate gifting 

A 2021 study conducted among 300 corporate gift buyers sheds some light on trends in the industry: 

  • The corporate gift industry is estimated to reach $306 billion by 2024 (up from $242 billion in 2021)
  • The sector is set to grow by 8% every year. 
  • 60% of the budget is spent on clients, and the remaining 40% on employee recognition and awards.

Looks like corporate gifts are here to stay. But even though they’re so popular there’s still a lot of uncertainty around them: Who should I give gifts to? How do I choose the perfect gift for my audience? When’s the right time to send it? 

MOOsters working together and using branded corporate gifts, such as Notebook and Soft Cover Journal.

Here are five things to consider that will help you nail your corporate gifts – every single year:

1. Separate gifts into tiers

Save yourself the headache (and your budget) by separating recipients into different gifting tiers. For new clients and team members, opt for something high-quality and practical. Notebooks are a really useful gift, especially when they’ve been customised to make them feel that little bit more special. For client win-backs, give them something premium that exceeds their expectations and shines a light on your brand. And for VIP clients, you’ll want to pull out all the stops. Creating product bundles is one sure way to WOW them and show them how much you value the relationship.

2. Think about what your customer actually wants

Spend some time thinking about what your customer actually wants to receive. What would bring them joy or paint a big cheesy smile on their faces? Choosing something that fits their personality or delights them shows you’ve put a lot of thought and care into picking something special. If you know that your client loves the gym, then a branded Water Bottle is the perfect gift to show them you listen. Or, if they’ve got their eye on one of your products or services, they’ll love a customised gift card that they can use towards it.

Branded corporate gifts including Water Bottle, stickers and Postcards.

3. Always choose quality over quantity 

Shockingly, only 21% of corporate gifts are kept. A lot of gifts end up in landfills or are given away, so it’s worth giving your clients something they’ll use for a long time. (We like to think of these as slow-burn gifts) Choose one high-quality item over lots of smaller, cheaper items. It’s hard to form an emotional attachment to something that’s cheap and has been mass-produced. Go for a gift that’s intentionally designed and thoughtfully made. Our award-winning MOO Water Bottle is the perfect example of how you don’t need to spend loads to impress with your corporate gifts.

4. Get strategic with your gifting time

Not everyone celebrates Christmas – if you’re looking to keep gifts holiday-neutral, it’s beneficial to consider other religious events that fall in November and December. Aiming for the start of December is a good rule of thumb and helps you beat the pre-holiday rush. 

You can also give corporate gifts throughout the year to mark professional milestones, anniversaries and workplace achievements. MOO’s Perpetual Planner is a great year-round present. Unlike a traditional planner, it has no dates, meaning there are no limits to how it can be used. Regularly sending small tokens is a good thing to implement into your gifting strategy and shows recipients you care about them – all year round. 

Branded corporate gifting can include custom Notebooks and Water Bottles.

5. Be intentional with branding 

Let’s be real – the only one who wants your brand name in huge letters or your logo bang in the middle is you. Your clients will see straight through it. Branding should be subtle, intuitive, and intentional. Impactful, yes. Intrusive, no. Good design is key and opens you up to limitless possibilities, like these folded works of art and stand-out Water Bottles. Stunning product finishes push your designs even further and help your brand shine – from 360 wrap printing and debossing to laser engraving. Making design a key element ensures your corporate gift will be cherished for years to come.

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