A selection of branded merchandise, including Water Bottles and Notebooks

Branded Merchandise

Custom accessories and branded products. Made for your mark.

The collection

Every MOO product is designed and made by us. So they feel like a team.

Ready to go custom?

Just fill in your details below, and an Account Manager will be in touch.
Or email inquiries@moo.com.

Ready to go custom?

Just fill in your details below, and an Account Manager will be in touch.
Or email inquiries@moo.com.

Our Case Studies

Brands making their mark with MOO

Custom Notebook and Waterbottle

Corporate gifting, done right

In business, gifting’s too often an afterthought. But your brand’s too good for that – and so are your people. So here’s a guide to getting it right, from what you send to what you say.

Two hands holding a branded Water Bottle and Notebook

Changing branded merchandise for the better

The world of “merch” is full of forgettable products. Throwaway pens. Bad bags. And those tiny USB sticks. But at MOO, we do things differently. By designing custom accessories you actually want to use. Branded products you’re happy to stamp your logo on. Company gifts worth having, holding and holding on to. 

And because it’s not stuffed away a drawer, every MOO Water Bottle or Notebook is out there getting seen. Spotted in coffee shops, receptions and airports. Sparking up conversations that start “Nice bottle!” and end with you swapping Business Cards. 

So put your brand in good hands. Because it’s not merch, it’s MOO.

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FAQs - Branded Merchandise

What other accessories do you do?

You’ll find everything from Envelopes to Notebooks here.

How do I create branded merchandise?

You’ll find all the details here. (Don’t worry, it’s very simple.)

Can I get the same products in a non-customised version?

You can indeed. We do the MOO Water Bottle in five different colors, and you’ll find our non-custom Notebook range here.

Do I need a business subscription to create branded merchandise?

For the MOO Water Bottle, Perpetual Planner, Hardcover Notebook and Softcover Journal you don’t need a business subscription. As long as your order meets the minimum required quantity, you can go custom. 

Why should I create branded merchandise for my brand?

Beyond “they look really nice”, our branded merchandise make excellent (and useful) gifts that showcase your brand, too. 

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