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QR Code Business Cards from MOO
QR Code BCs Illustration 1
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QR Code Business Cards

Generate a QR Code for a website URL, a telephone number or add a vCard

QR Code Business Cards

Adding a QR Code to your Business Cards is as easy as A, B, C!

A QR (or ‘quick response’) code is a matrix-shaped, computer-generated barcode, containing text information.

It’s commonly used to deliver vCards, website URLs, emails, telephone numbers or even templates of text messages. The code can be scanned by a camera phone or webcam, and the information retrieved quickly and easily.

QR Code Business Cards

How to add a QR code to your card?

1. Start making your card
1. Start making your card

1. Start making your card

  • You will be provided with a blank template, where you can add your details on the front and the back.
2. Design your cards
2. Design your cards

2. Design your cards

  • Your QR Code will appear on the front, so you can add your details here using our text editor.
3. Generate your QR Code
3. Generate your QR Code

3. Generate your QR Code

  • Choose from uploading a website url, adding a phone number or creating a vCard.
  • Upload your images for the back side.
printfinity qr business cards

Variety at no extra cost

With 50 Business Cards in a pack, you can print a different design on every single one. We call it Printfinity. It means you can show off your photos, products or simply your personality. And it’s totally free. Yes, FREE.

Shop by Size

MOO Size or Square, you’ll get a perfect fit for your business.

MOO Size

84mm x 55mm

50 cards from AU$19.99 (incl. GST AU$1.82)


65mm x 65mm

50 cards from AU$23.99 (incl. GST AU$2.18)

Inspirational QR designs from MOO

Let your card do the work

Adding a QR code to your Business Card says more about the way you do business than you may think. Even if you have only one card, your essential details can still be shared among a roomful of people with no errors and very little fuss. You won’t need to sacrifice quality or design either. You can still choose from our huge selection of free business card designs, and personalise them to your own needs

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