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QR Code Business Cards

Generate a QR code for a website, telephone number or vCard to create scannable Business Cards.

What's a QR Business Card?

A QR ("quick response") code is a computer-generated barcode that contains text info. You can use them to deliver vCards, URLs, emails, telephone numbers or even text messages templates. When you scan them with a phone's camera, all is revealed.

QR code cards make it even easier for anyone to learn more about your business. They're the perfect bridge between print and digital. And with MOO, generating a QR code for your Business Cards is simple. Our QR code maker lets you add a custom QR code directly into your design.

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How to create a QR code for your Business Cards

Step 1: Start making your card
Step 1: Start making your card

Step 1: Start making your card

Choose the size and finish of your scannable Business Cards. Then customise the front and back of the template.

Step 2: Design your QR cards
Step 2: Design your QR cards

Step 2: Design your QR cards

Your Business Card's QR code will appear on the front, so you can add your details here using our text editor.

Step 3: Generate your QR code
Step 3: Generate your QR code

Step 3: Generate your QR code

Use our QR code maker to add a website URL, phone number or vCard. Then upload your images to the other side of your QR Business Cards.

Business Cards with a QR code and various back designs thanks to Printfinity by MOO

One QR code. So many options.

With 50 Business Cards in a pack, you can print a different design on every single one. We call it Printfinity. It means you can add your QR code to the front, and up to 50 different designs on the back. And it’s totally free.

Shop QR code cards by size

From MOO size to Square, you’ll get the perfect QR cards for your business.

MOO Size

84mm x 55mm

50 cards from AU$20.00 (incl. GST AU$1.82)


65mm x 65mm

50 cards from AU$24.00 (incl. GST AU$2.18)

Inspirational QR designs from MOO

Let your QR Business Cards do the work

Adding a custom QR code to your Business Card says more about the way you do business than you might think. With just one card, you can share your details with many different people. No need to sacrifice quality or design either. You can still choose from our range of Business Card designs and customise them as you like.

Even more good stuff

FAQs – QR Code Business Cards

Are QR cards available with all MOO paper stocks?

Yup. You can choose any of these paper stocks for your QR code cards:

  • Original – our “feel good” premium paper
  • Cotton – 100% recycled, made from recycled T-shirts
  • Super – silky smooth, strong and durable
  • Luxe – extra-thick, with a choice of eight colour seams

Can I generate several QR codes for my Business Cards?

If you're using our online QR code maker, you can only add one QR code to the front of your cards.

How soon can I get my QR cards delivered?

It will depend on the paper and options you choose, but can be as fast as 2 days.

Can I add a QR code to one of your design templates?

Oh yes. If the template lets you add an image or logo to the front, you'll get the option to generate a QR code for your Business Cards.

Can I create QR code Postcards and Flyers?

Postcards, Flyers, Stickers... you name it! Add QR codes to all your custom print with MOO.

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