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Compliment Slips

Send a personalised thank you to your clients with custom Compliment Cards.

With compliments slip with personalised note and pen next to closed white box on light blue background

With compliments

Personalised thank you messages will stand out even better with a custom Compliment Slip design. Printed on soft, uncoated paper, thoughtful sentiments will be thankfully received AND help better your brand.

  • With Printfinity - print up to 50 different Compliment Slip designs in every pack – FOR FREE
  • Uncoated paper you can personalise with handwritten notes
  • Made of heavy-weight 160gsm paper
  • Compliment Slip measures: 99mm x 210mm

Add a personal touch with Compliment Slips

It’s the little extras that make you memorable. Go beyond the basics – jotting a handwritten, personalised "with compliments" slip shows you know great customer service. And when you pen those sentiments on premium paper, you'll be sure to be to make a lasting impression.

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Blank compliment slip and pen on pile of compliment cards and beige background

Compliment Slips – Design inspiration

Personalised thank you notes can make all the difference when it comes to great brand experience. Explore the MOO blog to take it to the next level!

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FAQs - Compliment Slips

What is a Compliment Slip?

A Compliment Slip, or Compliment Card, is a printed thank you note with your company information and logo - just like a letterhead. It's called as such because it usually says "with compliments" which is followed by a personalised handwritten note.

What size are Compliment Slips?

The standard UK Compliment Slip size is 99 x 210mm, which corresponds to DL Cards. Use our design guidelines to get your Compliment Slip size right!

What paper stock do you use for Compliment Cards?

At MOO, we take Compliment Slip printing seriously! Our Compliment Slips are made of 100% recycled, bright white 160gsm paper. They're uncoated so you can write individual messages to your clients.

How to design a Compliment Slip

To design your own Compliment Slip, you can...

• Use our free Compliment Slip templates
• Customise a Compliment Slip template online with your brand colours and logos
• Upload a full design

What do you write on a Compliment Slip?

The power of a good Compliment Card lies in its personalisation. Make your client feel extra special by using their name and referring to their purchase. Don't forget to thank them, too!

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