Big navy blue note card box, beige and green business card boxes and two square card boxes

Display Boxes

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Tick the (Display) Box

Show off and store your designs in style, with Display Boxes designed to perfectly fit MOO stationery.

Choose your size

Choose your colour

Flat lay picture of a pink, green, navy blue and beige business card boxes, white envelope with note card and grey note card box

Designed to fit your cards. And your style.

Our Display Boxes showcase your stationery stash – and still grab attention when closed. They come in three different sizes, to perfectly fit your MOO Business Cards, Notecards or MiniCards. Just choose whether to co-ordinate your stationery box with your office style, or match the look of your brand.

The vital stats

Dimensions Square
75mm x 75mm x 53 mm
99mm x 62mm x 53mm
174mm x 119mm x 53mm
Storage Square
Holds 50 Square Business Cards or 100 MiniCards
Holds 50 Business Cards
Holds 20 Notecards
Materials Plastic free, and 100% recyclable. Made with premium Japanese paper (50% recycled).

Not just for your desk

They’re just as useful for…

Cafes and shops 

Show your customers you think of everything. A Display Box is a great way to make sure everyone notices your loyalty cards (and your oh so fancy taste in counter top accessories).

Trade shows

Sure, you could leave your cards on your exhibition stand counter. But frankly, you and your carefully considered cards deserve better when it comes to stationery storage. Make them unmissable – and keep them much tidier, too.

Online retailers

Make your contents feel special. Display Boxes are about so much more than stationery storage. Use them as a presentation box for your own products or what you’ve created with MOO. Then add your own Stickers as a finishing touch.

Collection of MOO products in matching colours with pink, beige, grey, blue and green water bottles, presentation boxes and hardcover notebooks

Better together

Like our Display Box? Now you can add a Water Bottle or Notebook to keep a consistent look. They’re all part of our growing collection of business-ready products. All ready to make your brand (and your desk) look the part.

What's in the box?

Make the most of our presentation boxes with these expert tips and ideas.

FAQs – Display Boxes

What are Display Boxes made of?

All our Display Boxes are made with a premium Japanese paper that’s 50% recycled.

Is it plastic free?

Yes, no plastic whatsoever – and it arrives packed in a compostable bag, too.

Why have you introduced Display Boxes?

Because we think your Business Cards deserve pride of place on your desk. But also because we’re updating the packaging that our paper and print based products are sent out in. There’ll be much less unnecessary waste and a lower carbon footprint. However, we know that some people gave their MOO packaging a second life – storing and displaying their cards. These Display Boxes do that job brilliantly, but will never just end up in the bin.

What sizes of Display Boxes do you offer?

We offer three Display Box sizes:

  • Square Business Card Box (also fits MiniCards) – 75mm x 75mm x 49mm
  • Medium Business Card Box – 99mm x 62mm x 49mm
  • Large Notecard Box – 174mm x 119mm x 49mm

How many cards can they fit?

  • Square Box holds 50 Square Business Cards or 100 MiniCards
  • Medium Box holds 50 Business Cards
  • Large Box holds 20 Notecards

What colours are the presentation boxes available in?

Display Boxes are available in the following colours:

  • Midnight Blue – to match your Hardcover Notebook and Water Bottle
  • Alpine Green – to match your Hardcover Notebook and Water Bottle
  • Pastel Pink – to match your Softcover Journal and Water Bottle
  • Charcoal Grey – to match your Hardcover Notebook
  • Clay – to match your Softcover Journal

What can I use Display Boxes for?

You can use them to store, carry or display your beautifully crafted stationery. But what we’re most excited about is seeing exactly what it is that you’ll be displaying in them. To get you started, here are some things we’ve found them pretty useful for already.

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