Rectangular Stickers

84mm x 55mm or 76.2mm x 101.6mm
Shine-free, durable vinyl

50 stickers from AU$30.00 (incl. GST AU$2.73)

Get your name out there with Rectangular Stickers

  • Choose from small or large Rectangular Sticker sizes
  • Both sizes printed on a durable smooth matte vinyl – perfect for writing on
  • Versatile (we love seeing ‘em used for address or product labels)

Choose your size

Choose your paper

Choose your coating

Choose your finish

Choose your corners

Amazing Flexibility
Amazing Flexibility

Create snazzy labels, bold name tags or excite people with your internal admin. Rectangular Stickers are totally versatile.

Quantity Price per sticker Pack price
50 AU$0.55 AU$30.00
100 AU$0.42 AU$46.00
150 AU$0.42 AU$69.00
200 AU$0.42 AU$92.00
250 AU$0.42 AU$115.00
300 AU$0.41 AU$135.00
400 AU$0.41 AU$179.00
500 AU$0.39 AU$217.00
750 AU$0.39 AU$318.00
1000 AU$0.38 AU$419.00
1250 AU$0.38 AU$520.00
1500 AU$0.38 AU$621.00
2000 AU$0.37 AU$823.00
For more pricing info, see our Shipping and Cost Calculator.
Stickers design template

Rectangular Sticker templates

You can use our design templates just as they are. Or adjust them to suit your style.

Add variety to every pack

Have a message ready for every occasion, with up to 50 different rectangle Stickers in your pack. All at no extra cost.

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

We’ll move (metaphorical) mountains to make sure you’re happy with your order. It’s the MOO promise.

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Wet plastic mailer bag with a waterproof rectangular sticker for a lingerie brand

So versatile

Create shipping labels, bold name tags or excite people with your internal admin (yes, it’s possible). In a choice of two sizes, Rectangular Stickers are totally versatile.

Hand putting a rectangle label with Tickall logo on gradient background on a white envelope

Start small

Want to test things out? You can start with a short print run of just 25 large Rectangular Stickers. See what you think. Then go from there.

Rectangular Stickers – Inspiration

Get your business in shape with Rectangular Stickers & Labels. Explore creative stories and tips to grow your business with Stickers.

Even more good stuff

FAQs - Rectangular Stickers

How soon can I get my custom Rectangular Stickers delivered?

In as few as 5 business days.

What other Sticker sizes do you offer?

Our Stickers and Labels also come in the following sizes:

What are Rectangular Stickers made of?

Our Rectangular labels are made made from shine-free thick, durable vinyl. You can write on them with a permanent marker.

How can I create custom rectangular labels?

Use our unique Sticker templates or customise a design online if you're creating small Rectangular Stickers. You can also upload a full design to create your design from scratch, no matter the size of your Rectangular Stickers.

Download a blank template >

What Rectangular Sticker sizes do you offer?

  • Small Rectangular Stickers (84mm x 55mm)
  • Large Rectangular Stickers (76.2 mm x 101.6mm)

What can I use my custom rectangular labels for?

Small rectangular labels are perfect for name tags or internal admin, while the larger size is great for product labels, packaging and shipping labels. The only limit is your imagination!

Is Printfinity available with Rectangular Stickers?

Yes! You can print a different design on every single custom rectangular label for FREE – up to 50 different designs in a pack for small rectangular labels, and 25 for the large ones.

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