It goes without saying that we love innovative design and creative business cards – and you never disappoint us!

Here, freelance web and print designer Liron Tocker from Germany shows us how to use personal marketing to stand out from the crowd, by combining MiniCards with Stickers – with remarkable (and profitable) results!

Hi Liron! So, we know you use MOO, but what inspired your MiniCard-meets-Stickers project?

Well, I've always used MOO for MiniCards and Greeting Cards – I love the quality of the paper. I’m also an avid sticker collector – who doesn't love stickers? I put them on everything! And it just occurred to me that presenting my cards with peelable stickers would be a really fun and unique way to make sure prospective clients held onto them.

It got our attention – they're really eye-catching. So how did you do it?

I cut out and glued the backs of 200 MOO Stickers onto colour-themed MOO MiniCards. It took a few hours of craft work, but was a very rewarding (and meditative!) experience.

We love your dedication! Has it had the effect that you wanted?

People really seem to like the idea - I've seen my stickers popping up on people's mobile phones and laptops. And more importantly, I've certainly seen an increase of business interest since giving out these cards. The stickers add a layer of real value onto the cards which I think folks appreciate, and it puts a smile on their faces.

Check out more of Liron's cool artwork at Liron Tocker Designs.

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
MiniCards, Graphic Design, Stickers
  • Sticky Business Cards by Liron Tocker
  • Sticky Business Cards by Liron Tocker
  • Sticky Business Cards by Liron Tocker

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