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A woman of many, many talents - and blogs for all of them - we're surprised Saaleha has time to make any MOO stuff, let alone put the creative effort in the way she has. A food photographer specialising in cakes (yum!), Saaleha created these MiniCards to showcase her work. She works from home in a variety of other industries and feels pretty strongly about it! "I admire home-based entrepreneurs who are prepared to take on the risks to carve a space for themselves in the market and succeed through vision, bravado and hard work." We couldn't agree with you more...


Saaleha created these MiniCards to showcase her work and to offer home-based industries the chance to have their products photographed professionally and affordably. "Home industries usually find professional marketing services to be well out of reach." Saaleha says "They rely either on grainy photographs taken with cellphones and compacts or, unaware of the legalities surrounding copyright, or generic imagery scraped off of a Google search." Her MiniCards make full use of Printfinity, each one a beautiful depiction of baked goods that showcase her photographic skills.

Mini camera holders

"Recently, I was commissioned to photograph a craft/lifestyle workshop and was asked to include my business card in the participant goody-bags. While I've found the diminutiveness of the MiniCard to be a real talking-point, I was concerned that the card would get lost among all the other items in the bag - so I decided that a card-holder would be the best presentation solution. I wanted the card-holder to reference my work and came up with the concept of a camera-shaped holder with the image on the card peeking through the 'lens'. Nice work Saahela!

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
MiniCards, Photographer, Photography
  • Saaleha Bamjee

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