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It’s all about the design

You know us, we’re passionate about great design. And we love it when we come across a kindred spirit.

For TRÜF, a branding and web design agency in LA, visuals are everything. And just like us, they’re self-confessed obsessives when it comes to helping businesses speak to their customers through the medium of beautiful and distinctive brand design.

Magnetic personality

TRÜF liken brand design to growing a meaningful relationship. Just as people seek out that winning combination of looks, personality and substance in a potential soulmate, so do successful and long-lasting brands looking to engage and hold onto customers. TRÜF call this the process of Brand Attraction.

It’s this magnetism that they’ve brought out in their own visual identity, with the electric bolts of their striking ‘Circle Ü’ motif reflecting the philosophy behind their Brand Attraction system.

Keen to show their distinctive design off to its full potential, they created a stunning set of Business Cards on MOO Luxe. “Extraordinarily thick and luxurious, with an eye-catching coloured vein running through the centre,” says Monika Kehrer, TRÜF’s Co-Founder and Design Director (we didn’t pay her to say this, honest!).  “Luxe doesn’t just show off our brand identity, it really adds to it.”
And thanks to our unique Printfinity technology, they’ve been able to showcase their entire visual identity in one pack. Fanning them out at meetings and inviting people to choose a card from the range, they often joke with new clients that it’s a test to see which one they’ll pick. “Some are funkier than others and it’s interesting to see which ones they gravitate towards. They’re the perfect conversation starter and always guaranteed to raise a smile,” explains Monika.

A growing family

Once they’ve got those conversations going, TRÜF are always keen to keep that all-important spark alive with their customers. After all, that initial attraction needs backing up if it’s to mature into something longer term. Big believers in keeping their brand consistent across all points of contact, they recently extended their distinctive motif to a range of four Greeting Cards. “We love to send our clients handwritten thank you notes at the end of a job. The thank you note is a dying art, but really goes a long way in today's digital age. And by making a feature of our striking logo, we’ve made sure the cards are easily recognisable as coming from us when they drop through the client’s letterbox.”

With their Greeting Cards going down so well with clients, TRÜF now have plans to add to their striking suite of stationery with a matching set of Luxe Letterheads.

It’s fair to say that these doyens of design are really making the most of what the Luxe family has to offer. If, like TRÜF, you have some great artwork to showcase, or even if you’d rather select from our extensive gallery of exclusive designs, why not have a go at creating your own magnetic Business Cards, Greeting Cards or Letterheads? Click here to get started!

Written on:
06 Nov 2014
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