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Meet Tomas, the Closet Entrepreneur

Tomas Carrillo is a freelance consultant and author of the blog The Closet Entrepreneur, which helps budding business people everywhere with the off-putting details that come with setting up a new venture. Tomas says "Whether you need a custom Twitter background, a fresh PowerPoint design, or some WordPress know-how, my aim is to help you with all the nitty gritty details that keep you from working on your business."

We love his work

Tomas attends a lot of conferences for his work - so networking with ease and a little flair is an idea he's rather attached to (literally). He created what he calls a "MiniCard hack" by accident, when finding himself fingers and thumbs trying to swap cards with a new contact. "If you've ever struggled to swap business cards at an event, then this hack is for you!" Tomas says "I accidentally stumbled upon this hack at a conference; my pockets were full so I clipped my MOO MiniCard Holder to my lanyard. Someone spotted the holder and asked what it was, so I flipped it open to reveal the MiniCards inside; they got a kick out of it and asked if they could take a card—pretty slick don’t you think?"

Simple but effective

As an avid networker, Tomas is pretty pleased with the Minicard hack. "It's pretty simple yet effective for two reasons: First, the holder is discreet yet unique enough to make someone take notice and hopefully wonder what it is. Second, the MiniCards themselves are extremely unique; I have yet to see someone react negatively or indifferent towards them. And people love seeing you reveal the unique cards that hide inside."

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
MiniCard, Events, Typography
  • Tomas Carrillo
  • Tomas Carillo

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