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The Devil Wears Stripes


Red is the colour of passion, of integrity and hard work. It's also the colour of temptation, and, yes, the odd blush too. They say the devil is in the details, and in this case, they're absolutely right.

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When handing over MiniCards whether you're a offering makeovers or selling office equipment there's always an element of enticement. Somehow, you need to try and convince people that to lower their guard and take a chance with you. This indecently glowing design may be a useful secret weapon to have in your arsenal of allure.

About the designer

COLOURLovers is a website run by Darius A Monsef IV. Visitors can find, rate, review and love colours in a mass of different variations. For MOO, they've created juicy stripes, in pure colours that look yummy at any size.

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