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Business Cards

This clean monochrome design will help instill confidence in both your taste and skill. With crisp black lines dividing your details, and a full front upload to show off your work, this template is perfect for anyone with a connection to modern design – whether it’s architecture or art.

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My inspiration for this design comes from modern architecture as well as the graphic lines that are used in blueprints. I chose Sans Serif type since I felt it was a nice complement to the white walls and straight lines in modern wood and concrete structures. I left the details side simple and clean so they wouldn’t steal too much attention from the image side, where you can show off your best work and inspiration.

About the designer

Emily is a Boston-based designer who earned her BFA in Visual Communication Design at the Hartford Art School. When not working at MOO she's most likely in her tiny home studio, sewing her own dresses, reading lots of non-fiction, and making breakfast for dinner.

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