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Double-sided Business Cards

An old-world style card for musicians of all genres, composers, classical music lovers and music teachers, this card is a beautiful representation of traditional sheet music. Whoever you’re handing it to, be it potential students or simply a new contact, this design is as pleasing to the eyes as a beautiful concerto is to the ears.

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There is no music more ancient, or more celebrated and timeless as classical music, so I wanted to design a set of cards that would reflect this longevity and beauty of the famous composers like Mozart and Beethoven. I re-created really simple sheet music, and made it look like worn parchment for a vintage feel.

About the designer

Snow Powers is a graduate of the prestigious Washington University in St. Louis, where she gained degrees in Communication Design and Marketing. Her particular interests lie in integrating typography with illustration. Before joining MOO, Snow spearheaded a visual marketing campaign for Local Harvest Cafe in St. Louis.

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