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Coffee Origins

Double-sided Business Cards

Making good coffee is an art, as every café owners, wait staff, barista and coffee aficionado worth their beans will tell you. These Business Cards go right back to the basics of the drink, and have a beautifully textured look that you can practically reach out and feel.

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A friend of mine is a real coffee snob - sorry, coffee lover and the place it comes from is very important! Coffee is grown all over the world, and naturally tastes different according to its origin. I liked the idea of making the cards look like real coffee bean bags.

About the designer

Jovanna Mendes de Souza was born in Brazil, and brought up in Sweden. She came to London to study design at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art, graduating with an MA in Graphic and Communication Design. She is inspired by a huge range of influences, including Victorian inventions, layering different styles, and the work of design luminaries like Max Huber and Aubrey Beardsley.

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