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spot gloss

Spot Gloss Business Cards

400gsm Super paper, Soft Touch finish


Head-turningly shiny

Enhance your logo or bring your designs to life. Spot Gloss lets you add transparent shine anywhere you like. And the Soft Touch finish of the Super paper means that glossiness looks EVEN glossier.

  • 400 gsm Super paper stock
  • Soft Touch finish
  • Transparent gloss – wherever you want it
  • Choose from rounded or square corners
  • Add gloss to both sides, at no extra cost
  • Print a different design on every card, free!
  • Available in MOO and Square sizes

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How soon can I get my Business Cards delivered?
You can get them in just 5 business days.

What sizes of Business Cards do you offer with Spot Gloss?
We offer Spot Gloss on our MOO Size and Square Business Cards.

What is Spot Gloss?
Good question. Spot Gloss (aka spot uv) is a clear design element that’s layered on top of your printed Business Card. It’s used to highlight the parts of your card you want to really stand out – leaving a subtle, shiny smooth surface over the elements you emphasise. Use it on both sides of your card, and as little or as much as you like.

Why use MOO's Spot Gloss Business Card printing service?
Spot Gloss adds a shiny, memorable accent to your Business Cards.

What if I’m not totally happy with my Business Cards?
Then we’ll reprint them for you, for free. You can’t go wrong.

What’s the difference between Spot Gloss (spot uv) and Raised Spot Gloss (raised spot uv)?
Spot Gloss is a subtle, clear coating that highlights parts of your design. Raised Spot Gloss is a much more elevated clear coating that highlights design elements visually AND physically. It literally stands out from the card.

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