Hello, analog: planning tools for those who think differently

Close the laptop, crack out the fancy pens, and dare yourself to dream big with MOO’s planning tools.

A MOO Perpetual Planner being used to plan business tasks

We’ve got a question for you…

When was the last time you let yourself think outside of the box? Proper, head-in-your-hands, staring-out-the-window kind of creative thinking

Nowadays, there’s so much vying for our attention – deadlines to meet, e-mails to send, business to do – that we don’t have much time to get starry-eyed. We spend so much of our lives online that it can be hard to find space to think.

Our MOO Perpetual Planner being used as a business planning tool in the office

Analog planning tools are the perfect antidote to our digital-first world. They encourage us to get offline and give us the physical space to think differently, follow our curiosity, map out ideas, and get creative. 

Here are some of the benefits that good old-fashioned pen and paper can offer.

Collaborate with your team

Although there are a lot of good digital collaboration tools, there’s nothing quite like sitting around a table, and scribbling down your ideas on a big piece of paper. In fact, this neuroscience study shows that paper is more ‘real’ to our brains than digital. That’s because physical materials involve more processing time, making it easier for us to recall information. So, the next time you need to generate some juicy ideas for a new product or seasonal sale, leave the laptops closed and get out the pens and paper instead. 

A branded MOO Perpetual Planner being held by a colleague

Capture inspiration everywhere

There’s so much inspiration out there, waiting to be tapped into. Your next great idea might strike while waiting in line for your daily flat white or taking a walk on your lunch break. Having a portable, travel-sized Notebook in your bag means you’re always ready when inspiration strikes. It’s something tangible you can hold in your hands and revisit anytime – the complete opposite of scribbling a note into your phone and never looking at it again. Notebooks also make great corporate gifts for your team, so they can record their great ideas and take notes on the go.  

Space to explore ideas

Sometimes, you need space to think outside the box because that’s often where the magic happens. Some of the world’s best ideas happened by accident. If you’re looking for a planning tool that puts you in charge, you need to meet our Perpetual Planner. It’s got no dates inside, so you won’t feel confined or hemmed in by the usual time restraints. You’re free to indulge your curiosity, doodle all over it, and see where your creative thinking takes you – on your terms and timeline. 

Planning tools including Notebooks and Planners, with a calendar clips to keep your organised

Freedom to think without distractions

If you find yourself reaching for your phone every 47 seconds when you’re meant to be working, you aren’t alone. From emails to Slack chats and downright distracting TikToks, we’re bombarded online. Analog tools eliminate digital distractions and help us focus. They reduce our reliance on Google and AI, empowering us to think for ourselves and find our own solutions. Plus, when you have a gorgeous, customised Notebook to work in, you’ll actually want to put your phone on silent.

Reduce screen time 

The average person in the US spends over 7 hours a day staring at a screen. Excessive screen time raises anxiety and stress levels, impacts quality of sleep and contributes to eye strain. Reducing screen time and embracing analog has massive wellness benefits. There are plenty of tasks you can do offline – like notetaking, brainstorming, or planning. You can even use Stickers and Labels to organise and prioritise your work. And there’s nothing more satisfying than physically ticking something off your to-do list.

Sticker being used as an organizational tool alongside a MOO Perpetual Planner

Explore our customisable range of analog planning tools that will help prepare you for 2024 and beyond. And if you’re looking to create something truly unique, fill in our simple form below, and a member of our team will be in touch to bring your ideas to life. 

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