February 20, 2020

17 gold foil business card designs you need to see

17 designs, 24 karat shine. Here’s how gold foil elevated the brand identity of some of our creative customers.

1. Luke Tonge

Luke Tonge is a UK-based graphic designer, whose leap into freelance work led him to co-found the first ever Birmingham Design Festival.

“I’ve used MOO cards for many years – previously MiniCards, and more recently Gold Foil Business Cards, which are both tactile and eye-catching. I’ve had a great response, with clients often taking the time to pick their favorite design – that’s the great thing about Printfinity.


2. Pelikan Print Co.

Pelikan Print Co. is an illustration business founded by US based artist, Katie Pelikan. Driven by an interest in duality, and articulating childlike wonder, Katie creates all of her bold prints by hand.

“Besides the luxury of the gold foil, I love the paper thickness and soft finish on my cards. They encapsulate what I’m building my business to be: a celebration of beauty in the familiar, an element of surprise, and never taking myself too seriously.”


3. Ampersand Studio

Founded by best friends turned studio partners, Carrie and Morgan, Ampersand Studio was born from a love of pattern and typography. From their studio in Kansas, the Ampersand duo create uplifting designs and accessories in vibrant palettes.

“We first fell in love with MOO when we discovered the possibility of printing multiple patterns on the back of Business Cards. As surface pattern designers, it was an ‘ahh!’ moment. Each year, we update our cards with new patterns, and we fan them out so people can pick which pattern is their favorite.”


4. House of Vincent

Founded by two friends studying visual fashion communication, House of Vincent is a business dedicated to creating beautiful watches and jewelry.

We love that our cards are totally in line with our values as a watch and jewelry house – they are beautifully executed and the quality is super high. They say that we take ourselves and our business seriously, that we care about our customers and that weʼre committed to high quality.”


5. Kim Knoll

Graphic designer and abstract artist, Kim Knoll printed miniature pieces of her own watercolor art on business cards.

“Clients love the shimmer of gold and are obsessed with touching them. That Soft Touch finish wows them every time – it makes them not want to put it down – which is fine by me!”


6. Carolyn Suzuki

LA based illustrator, Carolyn Suzuki creates designs packed with color and joy, from a range of playful greetings cards and postcards to cool enamel pins.

“I love my fancy Gold Foil Business Cards – the Printfinity option is so perfect. It really feels like MOO’s products were made for a designer!”


7. Eric Kass, founder of Funnel

Eric Kass built the identity for his own brand, Funnel, from a love of vintage inspired typography. After years working as an in-house designer, he’s built his client base and now runs his own graphic design service.

“The unique typography and design, coupled with the distinctive satin feel of the paper and raised metallic gold, not only stops people in their tracks, but starts a conversation.”


8. Lucy Frost

After beginning a career in graphic design, Lucy Frost turned her artistic hand to tattooing. To promote her style, her intricate designs have been reproduced on print with gold foil.

“A business card is the first thing somebody sees of my business, and MOO’s quality is second to none. I really loved the gold foil option and was immediately set on using it for my branding.”


9. Giada Tamborrino

Giada is a freelance graphic designer, who built her freelance career through networking events and her passion for working on creative branding projects for her clients.

“I love everything about my cards; the paper quality and thickness, the soft touch finish, the brightness of the colors, the gold foil details and the fact that I can have different design options on the back. I feel like my cards communicate premium quality, passion and attention for the details, which is the essence of what I deliver through my designs.”


10. Austin Eastciders

Based in Texas, Austin Eastciders are a brewery on a mission to make America fall in love with cider. Their business cards were cleverly designed to mirror the branding featured on their cans.

  • Austin Eastciders' Gold Foil Business Cards

“Every time I hand out my business card, I always get a ‘wow!’ Once people see the design mirrors the branding of our cans, they get the connection straight away.”


11. Philip Bailey

Phil is an in-house Graphic Designer at MOO HQ. Tasked with concepting a brand identity for a fictional Product Designer, he paired bold color with delicate hints of gold.

“I chose gold foil as a special finish to create a premium feel for my product designer’s brand. The gold details mimic the material quality of tubular brass, and feature across the printed products. I think elements like this elevate a design and look amazing when the foil catches the light.”


12. Ware MFG

Creative consultancy, Ware MFG take on custom interior design projects – so making a great first impression to potential clients is hugely important to their founder, Paul Karas:

“I love everything about my cards – especially the option to print multiple designs on the back with Printfinity. Now, when I hand my cards out, the reaction has been a double-take, a smile, and careful placement in the pocket.”


13. Relate, by Zendesk

Customer service connoisseurs, Zendesk, wanted the business cards for their sub-brand to act as “charming conversation starters.”

“Our Relate brand accent color is gold. Not only is the gold beautiful, but it’s eye-catching and elegant. It really captures the essence of Relate.”


14. Shelby Page

Working in Kansas City, graphic designer Shelby Page’s passion lies in print, branding and art direction.

“The Soft Touch finish is like butter – it’s so sturdy and silky. When I hand out my cards, people can’t help but rub them because the texture feels so cool. The absolute best reactions I’ve had are people inquiring for me to design their business cards after receiving mine.”


15. Always Design

Graphic Designer, Hilliary Rose Alway founded Always design in the forests of Portland. After seven years working in-house, she made a move into freelance design, specializing in hand-lettering and illustrations.

“Raised gold foil balances the decadent craftsmanship of the intricate details with a dash of personal charm, and I feel like that describes my business perfectly.”


16. Media House

Social media management and content creation company, Media House help small companies to enhance their branding through creating unique design and content consultation.

“The texture of the Super Soft Touch Business Cards is so luxurious. They’re exactly how we wanted them to look and feel – professional, clean, modern, and fun. Plus, the gold foil option adds the perfect dash of shine and glamor.”


17. Lisa Chow Art

Lisa is an artist and graphic designer, who favors working with pastels and feminine iconography to create uplifting, joyful aesthetics.

“The square shape, weighty paper and rounded corners all lend a unique and professional touch, but the gold foil makes them feel absolutely luxurious. They’ve been so well received, I’ve gained new clients based on my cards alone.”

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