Brands with plans – your 2024 goals

Discover our customers’ plans and aspirations for the year ahead.

Brands with plans for the year ahead.

Hello, 2024! Now, don’t roll your eyes just yet. This isn’t another “new year, new me” motivational blog. Instead, we’re taking a different approach. 

We’ve reached out to some of our favorite customers – who are doing incredible things – to reflect on their 2023 journey, and more excitingly, reveal what lies ahead for their business in 2024.


We supported Elemis with branded Notebooks.

Last year, we helped global skincare brand ELEMIS connect with their customers through branded Planners. We caught up with Head of Digital and Channel Marketing, Elisa Orlandi, to chat about what’s on their horizon this year. 

“In 2023, we focused our investment on big-ticket activations and key calendar moments to optimize budget and reduced our reliance on prompts, in line with our path to premiumization strategy,” said Elisa. And this strategy worked. Resulting in ELEMIS becoming #1 in the UK’s Skincare EMV category and Pro-Collagen – the leading prestige skincare franchise. Bravo guys!

As the business moves into 2024, their goals are clear. “As a B-Corp certified brand, we are committed to responsible business practices. Our goal is not just to dominate the luxury skincare segment, but also to drive growth across all channels with our clinically proven formulations. We offer the best of both worlds – luxury and sustainability – and we plan to continue investing in these areas”, Elisa told us. 

Tara Wigley

Tara Wigley holding her book "How to Butter Toast" and showcasing all her MOO Print.

Last summer, we supported Tara Wigley on her book launch and witnessed first-hand how print can bring any event to life. We caught up with her to chat about her learnings. 

Tara’s biggest takeaway from 2023 was that there are enough “yes” people out there to make things happen. “I think it’s really important to remember that in these days where there’s lots of ‘no’ people, there’s a refreshingly large number of ‘yes’ people”. And for her planning a book launch was proof of that. 

Tara’s 2024 is looking jam-packed, from finishing her next book to touring the UK with “How to Butter Toast”. “I’m excited about taking my book and print around the country throughout 2024”, she said. 

So are we Tara, so are we!

Big Leo Productions

Big Leo's Branded merchandise, including MOO Water Bottle and Hardcover Notebook.

After a full brand refresh, Big Leo Productions came to us looking for the perfect way to showcase their new identity. We supported them with designs for their Notebooks, Softcover Journals, and Water Bottles to boost their employee engagement and gifting initiatives. We spoke to owner and Creative Director, Mary Dail, about their 2024 plans. 

“2023 has been a very strange year. With whispers of an incoming recession as the year began, with exponential developments in AI technology, our industry has been fraught with fears of the unknown. It made for a great time to reflect on where we’ve been successful and the areas we hope to grow toward in the future. We participated in industry trade shows and learned that after post-Covid remote working, connecting and marketing in person is more necessary now than ever”, Mary explained. 

Their 2024 goal? To get up close and personal with their clients. “We plan to continue with our trade show attendance, creating our agency-direct events, and working to have more in-person time as our primary means of pitching to our clients”.

Grid Beer Project

Grid Beer Project founders

Up next is Grid Beer Project, a nano-brewery with a mission to create the best beer possible. 

Co-founder Simon told us; “Our biggest learning has been the amount of time and effort needed for sales work when starting a business from scratch. It’s very rewarding work, but is something which takes a lot of time, perseverance, and adaptability”.

Looking towards 2024, the Grid Beer team are hoping to ramp up their events schedule. “We are planning to launch our own monthly pop-up event with food, music, and of course, beer! We’re hoping it will give us a better and more consistent customer interface. It’ll also be an opportunity to do fun stuff like special beer releases, themed nights, and collaborations with other local businesses”.

Grid Beer has been printing Business Cards as well as Postcards which they use as beer pump clips (clever, right?). “We love Stickers and we like the idea of using Floor Decals to brand our stainless fermenters to give them some personality”, they told us.

Big Dog Little Bed

Janice from Big Dog Little Bed.

We chatted to Janice and Emilia from Big Dog Little Bed, a female-run video production company specializing in helping businesses utilize the power of video. 

Janice’s biggest learning from last year is the importance of harnessing systems that not only work for her but also for her team of both full-time and freelance videographers. 

“A mix of paper products, digital tools, calendars, and project management systems are all needed to make it work, but figuring out how they (and we) all work together is a constant source of learning and growth”, she told us. 

The first part of the year is traditionally slower as many companies regroup from the holidays. When asked how the team will tackle season fluctuations, Emilia commented; “We’re planning to provide targeted offerings to smaller-scale businesses in the area to make sure we stay busy and connected with the local work here”.

As for goals in 2024, the team is striving to win a regional Emmy. “We will be approaching our client work in 2024 with this goal in mind, as well as pursuing some short-form documentary film projects outside of our client slate”, Janice revealed.

What’s on the cards for 2024? No matter the size of your business, we’re here to support you. Explore our range of products today or better yet fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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