5 best Business Cards for gamechanger brands

Gamechangers come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve got the perfect Business Card for all of them.

The best business cards for brands breaking the mold with MOO

Gamechanger brands come in all shapes and sizes, but they have some major things in common: they’re out to redefine industries, challenge the status quo, and make a difference. They don’t cut corners or scrimp on the details. They prioritise quality and design, offering both style and substance. 

They pay attention to the small stuff because they understand its impact. Just take their approach to Business Cards. They don’t see them as an afterthought or a thing of the past. Instead, they treat them like mini brand ambassadors, ready to spread their message at any given moment. 

Gamechangers are a diverse bunch. We’ve picked 5 types of gamechanger brand and matched them to our best Business Card. 

The People’s Champion

MOO Super business cards for a craft and design brand

Best Business Card: Super 

Designed to accelerate your brand message to a whole other level, Super does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s made of super-sturdy stuff: non-bendy, ultra-durable, and ready for anything. It will look good for longer, even on the edges. You can dress it up with a velvety soft touch or a shiny high gloss finish. And if you’re feeling extra, add a range of eye-catching finishes like Silver Foil or Spot Gloss to make it pop.

Why you’ll love it: Designed for brands on the side of their customers, you aren’t interested in smoke-and-mirrors sales tactics or sleazy marketing ploys. Instead, you answer your customers’ real-life problems. You pioneer durable and robust solutions to make people’s lives better. 

The Trailblazer 

Recycled cotton business cards in various sizes and designs on a laundry line

Best Business Card: Cotton Square

If you want your brand to set tongues wagging, then you need to meet our square Cotton Business Card. Gorgeously tactile, you won’t be able to keep your hands off it. We like to think of it as our ‘wild card’ – it’s a fully recyclable, tree-free option made from 100% textile waste. Cotton is naturally bright, so it works fab for color printing. Designed for extra bite, Square is a refreshing twist on the traditional tried-and-true Business Card design.

Why you’ll love it: For the brands doing big things: creating change and challenging convention with your innovative vision. You’re making waves and forging new paths. And you need a Business Card that leaves a mark. 

The Underdog 

MOO minicard design for a game changing brand

Best Business Card: Original Mini 

Small in stature. Big in impact. MOO Mini Cards speak volumes without taking up much space. They’re the ideal way to make some noise for your brand at every possible opportunity. They literally fit anywhere. In your phone case. On a community noticeboard. At a networking event. And when paired with our Original paper, you get that instant feel-good factor. Choose between a smooth matte or a slick gloss finish. 

Why you’ll love it: Perfect for confident, ballsy brands. You see your underdogness as a strength. You may be small, but you’re hella’ mighty. You aren’t afraid to challenge the big-name players in your arena. You use your size to your advantage.

The Artisan

Best Business Card: Luxe Letterpress

This is one of the plushest Business Cards out there. Crafted from four layers of archival quality Mohawk Superfine paper, it’s gorgeously textured and extra-thick. Meticulous detail and thoughtful craftsmanship have gone into making Luxe. We use traditional debossing methods to create that crisp, textured effect on our Luxe Letterpress Business Cards. Choose from 12 debossing designs and eight bold colour seams to finish this baby off.  

Why you’ll love it: This one is for brands who are serious about their craft. You’re passionate about design, using the highest quality premium materials available. You stand against the mainstream consumerist and throw-away culture, opting for a more intentional and considered way of doing business. 

The Multi-passionate

Spot gloss postcard.

Best Business Card: Raised Spot Gloss meets Printfinity 

Is your design team stuck on one choice of Business Card design? With Printfinity you can have up to 50 different designs on the back of all your Business Cards. We developed Printfinity to help brands showcase all their incredible work. Our neat invention even won the royal seal of approval, bagging The Queen’s Award for Innovation. You can use Printfinity with all our Business Cards, but if you want to go fancy-fancy, we love Raised Spot Gloss for its ultra-shiny and touchy-feely factor.  

Why you’ll love it: For brands who don’t fit the mould. You’ve got diverse products or offerings and weave them together to create a rich and vibrant brand identity. You’re flexible and creative, and you craft unique experiences that always have your audience coming back for more. 

No matter how you’re changing the game, MOO has the Business Card to help you do it. 

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