MOO X Strategic Play Global®: unleashing playful print 

Take a leaf out of Strategic Play’s book and liven up your workshops with playful print.

Strategic Play Display Boxes for workshops.

For most people, business and play don’t belong in the same sentence. But Strategic Play Global is working to change that. Their pioneering approach uses play to engage, educate, equip, and empower industry leaders and organisations on a global scale. 

Founded by Jacqueline (Jacquie) Lloyd Smith in 2003, the organisation delivers immersive and award-winning programs including Playsonality™, The Elements Leadership Program, and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certification training and workshops across North and South America, Europe, Oceana, Africa, and Asia. They have supported the likes of NASA, Google, the U.S. Air Force, the Canadian Government, and the United Nations to unlock the powerful science of play. 

Their workshop kits are made entirely out of MOO products: Postcards showcasing pictures, quotes, and prompts; Flyers for handouts; and these are accompanied by display boxes and Stickers.

We spoke to founder Jacquie to discover the benefits of print and how they are using MOO products in their workshops. 

Creates authentic connection 

Workshop facilitated by print.

In an increasingly digital world, Strategic Play Global is all about bringing people together. “What keeps me awake at night is the thought that people don’t feel seen or understood. People are hungry for face-to-face contact,” Jacquie says.

That’s why getting people together in a room for something like a Strategic Play workshop is crucial. And that’s where print comes in. “People want those tactile opportunities where they can hold something in their hand and show other people. Sharing those real-life experiences is what we’re all about,” she adds. 

Aids retention 

Jacquie loves the brain-friendly nature of print. “When you have something physical, it creates a memory trace that is stronger and lasts longer. Our brains are much more in tune to understand things in 3D than when we look at a screen.” This physical interaction between the individual and print is crucial for deeper learning and engagement during workshops.

Strategic Play uses Printfinity to print multiple designs in the same order.

Encourages collaboration

The physical nature of print brings teams together. “When people are able to process information as a group, that’s when we get to group genius,” muses Jacquie. “Working together collaboratively in the real world is where people change their mind about things.” Jacquie finds that Postcards are a really useful collaborative tool. “We use Postcards continuously,” she says. “We ask workshop participants to find a Postcard with a picture or quote that resonates with them  and introduce themselves using that picture.”

Enhances problem-solving

Strategic Play uses Printfinity to print multiple designs in the same order.

And Postcards aren’t just useful for icebreakers. Strategic Play used them recently to workshop a renovation project plan with the Municipality of the City of Surrey. With Printfinity Postcards, they used pictures of LEGO® people to represent different demographics. Participants then clustered the picture Postcards into different groups, creating a plan on how they could service each group. This hands-on method shows how physical, analog tools can boost teamwork and facilitate collaboration. “People often start planning projects with Excel Spreadsheets. But real-world tools help tell richer stories. And that story changes as people work together,” Jacquie says.   

Reduces impact thanks to high-quality

Postcards in Display Box.

Sustainability is also a priority for Strategic Play, and MOO products provide the high quality and longevity they’re looking for. Jacquie recounts feedback from a recent conference in Italy. “A participant picked up a Flyer and looked at it. ‘These are beautiful. Are they from MOO?’ she asked. She recognised the quality immediately.” Jacquie loves that MOO’s products are designed to stand the test of time.  “Everything we print with MOO is multiple-use. We know that those cards will be used over and over again. You just can’t beat MOO for quality.” 

Sparks creativity

Stickers are great for marketing campaings.

Strategic Play teamed up with the MOO design team to create a Sticker campaign for World Creativity Week. Their design contained slogans like ‘Make Play Stick’ and ‘Unite the World.’ “Stickers are all about spreading the joy of play and creativity,” Jacquie says. But they aren’t just for show; they’re a way to get people involved in play. “We want people to put them on things. We’re going to run contests where we ask people to put the sticker somewhere unusual and take a photo of it.” Jacquie also plans to ship the Stickers to their workshop facilitators and distribute them at upcoming conferences. 

Unleash the power of print in your business 

“The purpose for us, for print, is that we’re trying to educate people. We want them to keep it, read it again, reflect upon it, and bring about a mindset change,” says Jacquie. MOO loves equipping Strategic Play with the print tools they need to bring play to the world.

If you’re looking to elevate your workshops or IRL events with printed materials, Jacquie recommends our MOO Design Services team. “We’ve had times when I’ve thought, ‘I don’t know how this will look,’ and MOO’s designers have helped us.” We’re here for you every step of the way.

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