There's more to MOO than 'quirky'. Want the premium paper, short print runs, and easy design tools - but a more formal, traditional look? No problem!

About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network, with over 65 million members in 200 countries. Its aim is to help people make better use of their business contacts, and offer help to others in return. LinkedIn uses a system of trusted contacts, which means people can connect directly to people they already know offline. It also helps people search for new contacts, and request virtual introductions through common acquaintances.

Business Cards for business people

LinkedIn wanted cards that reflected its more formal, more professional outlook. LinkedIn helps people at all levels in business, but unlike a lot of online services it retains the same businesslike formality that you'd find in many corporate boardrooms. Wild colours and crazy photography were not the answer.

Our Luxe paper was, though. It's a sturdy paper with a matt laminate finish that makes it smooth to touch.

LinkedIn created Business Cards that feel good in the hand, and look smartly professional - and even better? It was easy!

  • LinkedIn use MOO Business Cards to create a professional effect

Create your own Business Cards...

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