Glamping it up

Not all that long ago, a festival wouldn’t have been a festival without a leaky old tent and a couple of wet sleeping bags. These days campsites are awash with all manner of posh alternatives to the humble canvas. From yurts to tipis, wigwams to gypsy caravans, the festival goer’s insatiable thirst for glamping continues to grow.

Head down to a festival this year, and you might think you’ve wandered onto the set of a sci-fi film, with groups of futuristic half spheres popping up all over the place. Matt Lowry’s such a fan of these geodesic domes (to give them their technical name) that he’s set up Domemade, a business that specialises in making them to order.

And they’re not just for festivals - Matt’s done greenhouses, summer houses, pool shelters and even chicken runs (yes, really!). And whilst he’s sticking with his Police Constable day job for now, demand is growing, especially with the summer months approaching.

Bringing the brand to life

When it came to designing his business stationery, Matt was keen to push the envelope - only something as eye-catching as the domes themselves would do. So he turned to his graphic designer wife, Inspiration Gallery favourite Georgie Lowry, for some help. The result was a set of Luxe Business Cards that, when laid out in the correct order, recreated the company’s dome-shaped logo.

“Domemade is all about bringing simple components together to create something really stunning. MOO’s Printfinity technology allowed us to recreate this ethos in our business cards. Of course most people will only ever see a single brightly coloured slice of the whole design. But that’s OK. It looks good and reflects our playful nature.”

A change for the better

Having tapped into Printfinity’s potential with their Business Cards, Matt and Georgie’s creativity took flight when they discovered MOO’s new Letterhead offering.

As a relatively small business with many different product variants, Domemade had been printing out their information kits as and when they sold a dome. So by Matt’s own admission, the quality of the print left something to be desired. Luckily, the option of printing any number of high quality designs on the reverse of the MOO Letterheads changed all that.

So now Matt not only has some unique and beautifully designed Business Cards to serve as an icebreaker when introducing his company to potential customers, but a set of equally awesome Letterheads to complement them. And the benefit of MOO's short print runs is that he can continue to update and add to his designs as his business grows.

Now, we’ve got our festival tickets sorted. Matt – we might need your help with something…

Why not take Matt’s lead and express your business’s unique character with a set of personalised Letterheads?

Written on:
06 Nov 2014
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