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EU VAT update

From 12 December, we’ll be adding a VAT fee at checkout.

We’ve previously been able to absorb VAT charges brought on by Brexit. But as of 12 December, all MOO packages sent to the EU will be subject to a VAT fee.

Here’s what will happen when you order:

  • Add your products to the cart as normal (the price you see excludes the additional VAT fees)
  • At checkout, VAT will be added
  • If you have a VAT number you’ll have the chance to add it and the VAT rate will be adjusted
  • Then relax as your MOO order makes its way to you

We value our European friends, so thanks for your continued support. You can read our FAQs to find out more.


Why am I now being assessed for VAT at checkout?

In the past year we've been working to adjust our shipping system to account for Brexit. Now that it's complete, we'll be assessing VAT at checkout when customers make a purchase on

Why is my VAT number not working?

There are several reasons why your VAT number may not be working. The shipping address doesn’t match where the VAT code is registered. If your VAT code isn't valid, you'll need to contact your tax administration to find out why. Please visit:

What will happen to my order when it arrives in the country?

Your order should arrive safe and sound with no extra work involved. If any issues should arise, please contact our support team.

Will I have to pay a customs fee or an import tax?

You won’t be charged any additional customs fees or import taxes. All fees will be assessed and paid at checkout on

Why am I not being charged the VAT rate for the billing country?

VAT has to be paid at the rate of your shipping destination and country as opposed to the billing country. For example, eg if a French VAT-registered company ships an order to Poland, they have to pay Polish VAT.

I forgot to add my VAT number to my order, what do I do next?

If you don't enter a valid VAT number at checkout, VAT will be charged as normal. If you forget to add your VAT number when placing an order, please contact us and we should be able to help and verify it.

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